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A Family Adventure of a Lifetime

Discover Greece with your family! Check out the best family tours and activities done by locals and live an amazing family adventure in Greece!

Spring is for city breaks!

Spring is, without a doubt, the best season to explore Athens. Check out some amazing activities you can do with us there!

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A month is gone since we are back from our first Greek vacation. We had really great time and enjoyed the sea, a mountain view and Pefkohori generally. I just wanted to thank you for helping me to find an apartment and being so supportive. Greece has so many interesting and beautiful places, that I think we will visit your country again.
Kateryna Zarko

Классный отдых!!!)) В 2017 были в отпуске на Халкидиках…Огромная благодарность Сюзанне за проведенный экскурс по городу Салоники. Исторические места и занимательные рассказы,
вкусные рестораны с живой музыкой, пешие маршруты – все это мы узнали благодаря ей за 1 день!!!! Нереально довольны)))
Спасиииибоооо из Москвы))))

Dmitriy Levkovich

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