10 days Greece itinerary

Greece Travel Itinerary: Ultimate Greece Itinerary 10 Days

Greece Travel Itinerary: Ultimate Greece Itinerary 10 Days

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10 Days Greece Travel Itinerary: Athens, Mykonos & Santorini

Our endless list of things to do in Greece while following a 10 day Greece Itinerary promises nothing but fun and joy, so pack your bags guys because the adventure of your lifetime is calling your name!

Greece is an amazing place to visit as you have the most renowned monuments in the world, from the Acropolis and Parthenon of Athens, to the remarkable sunset of Santorini, and from the unparalleled lifestyle of Mykonos to the serenity of Naxos, our travel guide will cover every little detail of your travel planning. 

Day 1 of 10 day Greece Travel Itinerary – Encounter the charming Athens

10 days Greece itinerary Acropolis Athens

Hey Grekaddicts and welcome to Greece! Hope that you are as excited as we are to have you here! You have just landed in the city that is the cradle of European civilization, whose ancient neighborhoods mixed with modern streets and districts will sweep you off your feet from the very first moment!

Morning kick-off with one of the top things to do in Greece : Acropolis of Athens & Museum

None can doubt that the Acropolis is one of the most renowned historical sites in the world and one of the top things to see in Greece, can they? That’s why you should wake up early in the morning, grab a coffee and set off for the Acropolis of Athens in order to avoid the big crowds .

How to get to the Acropolis of Athens and the Acropolis Museum?  

The best way to get to the Acropolis is through the red metro line from Syntagma square and from there you can get off at Monastiraki. From there you can reach acropolis on foot-it’s only a 15’ minute walk or you can get on the tram from Monastiraki and get off at Thissio station.

(Useful Tip: Learn more about the whole Acropolis experience with the help of our complete Acropolis & Parthenon guide which will give you all the insights on how to get there and what to do)

10 days Greece itinerary

Did you know that the term Acropolis means ‘ high city’ and it had an important role in the ancient times as it was used as a citadel. When you finally get there you will be surprised by the beauty of the ancient building along with the gorgeous view of the city of Athens. 


What to see when visiting the Acropolis of Athens and Parthenon? 

10 days Greece itinerary Parthenon Athens

From the top of the Acropolis, you can see Mount Lycabettus – another amazing tourist destination which can be ascended by a funicular railway which climbs the hill from Kolonaki. Below the Acropolis, you can spot the theater of Herod Atticus which to this day is used for concerts, and performances of high cultural value. Further down you can spot the theater of Dionysus, home of Sophocles, Euripides and other intellectual giants. Lower down you can take a look at the rock of Areopagus which has gorgeous views of the city and especially areas like Agora, Plaka, Monastiraki and pretty much the center of Athens. 

You can always  join a Private Acropolis guided tour, starting early in the morning, which will give you an insight on the best landmarks of Athens with the assistance of a licensed guide along the way! With the help of your licensed guide, explore the Temple of Zeus and the Theatre of Dionysus, walk around the Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum listening to the myths and mysteries of the past. In case you arrive late in Athens and want to enjoy a special sunset treat, join our Private Sunset Acropolis tour and give yourself a unique Acropolis experience. 

10 days Greece itinerary


Don’t miss right after to head to the Acropolis Museum of Athens

 A visit to the Acropolis museum of Athens is one of the top things to do in Greece for sure. The new redesigned building of the Acropolis Museum of Athens offers a wide range of exhibits from the Archaic and the Classical periods. Many of the original artifacts and statues might be scattered in different areas of the world like London, but don’t worry – there are copies of the original pieces to accompany the numerous other ancient artifacts displayed at the museum. 0

Take some time to stroll around Syntagma, Ermou and Monastiraki square 

10 days Greece itinerary Monastiraki Athens

Right after the Acropolis Museum,  grab a snack on the way and take a stroll to Syntagma square to see the change of the guards at the parliament house, an experience you cannot miss. From there you can go to Ermou avenue which  it’s filled with shops and wonderful spots to eat and mingle with your friends. Downtown Athens is a shopper’s paradise apart from Monastiraki and Plaka which are widely known to be full of tourist shops. If you are looking for quality clothes and shoes, you will have to take a look at Ermou street which is the quintessential shopping avenue of Athens.

Walking past Ermou street you will end up in Monastiraki, the historical old town of Athens. Wander around the small alleys and admire the many different things displayed on the street-after all it is a sort of a flea market. People bring tables and carpets there and sell all kinds of things, from antiques to quality alternative clothes that are difficult to find. Monastiraki is the best area for quality knock-offs, so if you want an expensive brand that you can’t afford, you are in the ideal place for shopping.

You should not leave Athens without peeking into the lifestyle of locals here. Take the off-beat path and stroll through the old neighborhoods of Athens like Plaka and Anafiotika, stumbling upon picturesque, quaint villages that unveil the authentic spirit of the city.  


10 days Greece itinerary


Discover Anafiotika – a small greek island in the center of Athens

10 days Greece itinerary Anafiotika Athens

Anafiotika is one of the oldest  areas of Athens and the whole architecture is reminiscent of Anafi island. Just imagine walking around an area only a couple of minutes away from the center of Athens that is full of white-washed houses, narrow alleys and stray cats. The whole area is filled with bright vivid colours and a vibe of olden times. Don’t be afraid to get lost in the colorful alleys – instead of using your phones for GPS, capture some burning shots of Athens for your Instagram feed! 

Useful info: To get to Anafiotika just get off at Monastiraki station and on your way to the Acropolis museum follow Makrygiannis street and eventually Thrassylou street and walk uphill for a couple of minutes.


Take a break and enjoy local delicacies in Plaka district

10 days Greece itinerary Plaka Athens

At this point, foodies have probably started to worry that we skipped the part with delicious Greek bites, but what else would be the proper way to wrap up the amazing experience in Athens? Many romantic cafes and tiny restaurants are scattered along the streets of Plaka district, where you can sit and indulge in local, authentic flavors and drinks. From well-known creamy dips like tzatziki and tirokafteri, to traditional Greek salad and souvlaki, sweetened with fluffy loukoumades and baklava… we promise a true fusion of tastes! 

Insider’s tip: Visit a charming coffee-bar in Plaka-Giasemi, and taste handmade desserts and try their signature fresh lemonade, an ideal drink especially during the hot summer days.

On the other hand, if you prefer to have the guidance of a local while exploring the hidden spots of the city, say no more! Afternoon Scents and Flavors of Athens Walking Tour is tailor-made for inquisitive travelers who want to see the city and how the local people spend their time and not at typical tourist spots. 

10 days Greece itinerary

Experience the nightlife in Athens during your 10 days Greece itinerary 

10 days Greece itinerary Athens nightlife
source: @steporr

The ultimate nightlife spot

If you want to have the time of your life in the vibrant city of Athens, you have to experience the greek way of partying ! Yep, you heard it. Two of the most famous spots known for their amazing nightlife are Psiri and Gazi.

Gazi & Iera Odos – Shake it! On the dance floor…

Take the metro from Syntagma or Monastiraki and get off at Kerameikos or just keep walking after the end of Ermou avenue. If you decide to go on foot, follow the road from Thissio station that leads to ‘Iera odos’ highway. From there you will see the main square of Gazi. 

There are many restaurants and bars for all tastes and it’s a perfect spot to have a coffee or a brunch during the day. The surprising thing about Gazi is the fact that at night the whole area  transforms into the ultimate nightlife haven. The music options vary, from traditional greek music to rap and techno, so you will definitely find something for you and your friends. 

Some of the best places to party in Gazi & Iera Odos are:

Lohan : Have you ever heard of Lindsay Lohan? Well, she is actually one of the club’s owners… The whole venue is massive, the soundsystem is a beast and theme parties are taking place there every week. During the summer, the club moves to a different area in Alimos where it transforms into a beach bar during the day and seaside club during the night.

Steam : A great venue with a more industrial – hi tech vibe that will satisfy even the most demanding ones. If you love techno and hi-tech music, you have to go there!

S-Cape : Are you a part of the LGBTQ? Are you curious? Are you someone who wants to have the time of their lives? S-Cape might be a great option for you. The club is dedicated to the LGBTQ community with different party themes every night. Have fun with your friends in a safe environment and watch spectacular drag shows, join karaoke parties and meet new people!

Insider’s tip: Be aware that most people and especially the young ones go out for clubbying late at night (Past midnight). So if you want to meet new people and have an incredible time during your 10 days Greece itinerary, make sure you go at a later time than normal. 

10 days Greece itinerary food in Athens

Psiri – The go-to place for the ones that look for something different

Another lively area with a glorious nightlife scene is Psiri. Every restaurant in Psiri is different, from traditional tavernas to old school cafeterias, there’s a more old school vibe to it. Right from the center you can go to Miaoulis street and find the best places that suit your needs. 

Our top picks for places to eat in Psiri are:

  • Arodou: Sit down and enjoy spectacular ‘mezedes’ in an alternative-more punky atmosphere that compliments the surrounding areas of Psiri.
  • Liosporos: A peaceful spot where you can have your drink and relax while listening to jazz & blues. Don’t forget to try some ouzo with pasta and you ‘ll see what we are talking about! 
  • Bougatzidiko stou Psyrri: The ideal place for some creamy out-of-this-world bougatsa (greek custard pie with hand-made phyllo). If you get drunk, a bougatsa is the ultimate hangover treat that will ease your headaches the following morning. 
  • Nancy’s Sweet home: The ultimate patisserie to satisfy your sweet tooth. Full with unbelievable desserts, Nancy’s sweet home will mesmerize you with its remarkable sweet tastes. P.S. The chocolate soup is a must!
  • Mavros Gatos (Black Cat) : Relax in a cozy friendly  environment after a full  day exploring Athens. Taste delicious grilled meats, tasty handmade traditional pies and don’t forget to order “tsipouro” from Ioannina city

 If you want to find a more complete experience that combines lots of different flavors and tastes join the Athens by Night Private Food & Wine tour, uncover the hidden gems of Athens and try the best local dishes accompanied with the greatest wines on the market.

10 days Greece itinerary

Try the greatest local food and revel all night at the best hotpots in the heart of Athens with the help of a 3-day Athens itinerary and you won’t be disappointed. 

Athens itinerary


Day 2 of 10 day Greece Travel Itinerary – Hop on a ferry to glorious Mykonos

10 days Greece itinerary Mykonos

Wake up sunshines, it’s a new day of our 10 days adventure in Greece is ahead of us, and we promise you that this vacation is just getting better! The 10 days Greece itinerary would not be complete without some perky beach days and unforgettable summer nights, and where else should we go than to the fabulous, renowned party haven of Mykonos Island? 

Pack your bags and grab a cab or metro towards Port of Piraeus, because the ferry that leads to the most cosmopolitan island in Greece, Mykonos, is waiting!  Sit on the ferry deck, inhale the salty Aegean breeze and soak in the beauty of the endless blue of Greece that will caress your eyes on the way to Mykonos. 

[Insider tip: If you have not booked your ferry ticket, just click on FerryHopper.com, where you can find all information schedules and easily book ferry tickets online!] 

10 days Greece itinerary ferry tickets

Check-in your room and enjoy the day walking around Mykonos Town 

10 days Greece itinerary Mykonos town

This small yet fabulous island is part of the Cyclades island group and it’s dreamy setting and eminent vivid atmosphere will be your love at first sight, so quickly check-in to your room and rush towards the maze of the white-washed stone alleys of Mykonos Town! And while you may expect nothing but parties and fun, don’t let this misguide you – Mykonos has so much more to offer! 

Cutest little white houses with blue roofs and windows, white cobbled lanes bejeweled with recognizable bougainvillea pink flowers give a special heartbeat and are a true picture from a Greek postcard. Wander around, explore tiny souvenir shops and eclectic, fashionable boutiques and lose yourself in the authentic atmosphere of a Greek island. Continue your walk towards the Windmills, the landmark proudly standing on the highest point, showing off its unique beauty that is worth grasping on camera. 

[Tip: Of course, if you would like to tick all the must-sees of your Mykonos and things to do in Greece wish list, take up a Walking tour of Mykonos town at 5p.m. where you will unveil the splendor of Mykonos.] 

10 days Greece itinerary


Try delicious local delicacies and soak in the energy of the magical Mykonos island

Wondering how to add a cherry on the top of this fantastic day and 10 days Greece Itinerary? What if we tell you that there is a cooking class waiting for you? And no, you don’t have to be professional chefs or cuisine enthusiasts, only a curious foodie that wants to learn everything behind the tasteful bites of Greek cuisine. A Cooking class in Mykonos is a one-of-a-kind experience where you will make not just fantastic Greek dishes like stuffed tomatoes and spinach pie but also lifelong memories! 

10 days Greece itinerary

Where to have dinner in Mykonos?

Before it gets darker, which means it ‘s time for partying you can have a wonderful dinner at Funky Kitchen which serves mediterranean dishes with a twist or you can try Kadena on the waterfront of Mykonos town, famous for its tasty meals and incomparable desserts. 

[Note: Get a glimpse of the best spots in Mykonos for food, drinks and fun with the complete guide  foods to try in Mykonos which will enlighten you about all the hidden gems scattered around the island.]

10 days Greece itinerary


Nightlife in MykonosWhat happens in Mykonos stays in Mykonos

There are countless options for fun, entertainment, and nightlife activities in Mykonos. Find the best bars, pubs, and nightclubs in open – air partying, cocktail bars and witness Hóra’s open-air cinema. Evening hours are reserved for parties and fun and Mykonos is renowned for it, so put on your fancy outfits, prepare your dancing moves because the dancefloors are waiting for you! Pay a visit to the most remarkable spots in Mykonos and create memories with your loved ones. Some of the most renowned places are: 

  • Caprice (Little Venice): Caprice bar serves delicious drinks right in front of the sea. Before your night begins, listen to the water while enjoying your delicious drink and admire the gorgeous setting of the Aegean while the sky changes from bright yellow to hues of orange. 
  • When you finish your pre-drink, choose between some of the best clubs in Mykonos like Scorpios (Paraga)  and say cheers-or as the greeks say ‘yia sou’-to a wonderful evening
  • Another popular spot is Cavo paradiso which is located on Paradise Beach and it’s one of the biggest clubs on the island and a regular host for world renowned djs and artists. 
  • If you want a calmer night, you can go and watch a movie at Cine Manto (Mykonos town), an open-air cinema playing two movies everyday and provides a peaceful escape from Mykonos’ bustled lifestyle. 

[Note: During your marvellous night you might encounter paparazzis and reporters but don’t be surprised, there’s probably a celebrity in the area who decided to visit Mykonos as most celebrities do all year round.] 


Day 3 of 10 day Greece Travel Itinerary – New day in Mykonos – more surprises in Mykonos  

10 days Greece itinerary Mykonos

Rise and shine adventurers, a new day in Mykonos is here! Our recommendation for the morning is a traditional Greek breakfast that includes warm pie filled with local cheese  paired with a cup of Greek yogurt. This is the proper fuel for the day that you should not skip because we are sailing into adventure to the ancient island of Delos.


Introducing the ancient island of Delos – one of the best things to do in Mykonos

10 days Greece itinerary Delos

source: @lastel_

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Mykonos’ streets and enjoy a day full of cruising, swimming in emerald waters and learning about the background history of the ancient islands of Delos and Rhenia, join the Ancient Delos and Rhenia island cruise

10 days Greece itinerary
Delos is believed to be the birthplace of Apollo, son of Zeus, hence the island has a strong mythological and historical significance. The Archaeological site of Delos is one of the most important in Greece and contains monumental remains of harbors, temples, sanctuaries and stone houses from the Ancient, Classical and Hellenic periods, all under the protection of UNESCO. The on-site museum has one of the greatest collections of ancient Greek sculpture, as well as exhibitions of numerous artifacts recovered from excavations from the surrounding areas. All these artifacts give an insight into the daily life of the ancient inhabitants of the island. 

Step your foot on the island and with every step revive the golden beginnings of the Greek civilization and history. Follow the path to Rhenia, an uninhabited island separated by a small straight from Delos, whose exotic golden coast and crystal-clear sea are a secluded bathers paradise. 

When you come back from your day trip to Delos you can do a number of things to spend your final night in Mykonos with a blast.

Drink in a castle like a king

What if we told you that you can enjoy a refreshing drink in a castle? The ‘Penigrakis’ castle was built half a century ago and its atmosphere is dreamlike. Admire the gorgeous scenery of Mykonos from the top of the castle and let the sun enchant you with its orange hues in the sky. The castle is excellent for taking photos and it is considered by many a must-see attraction in Mykonos.

When the sun starts going down, grab some drinks at 180 Degrees sunset bar  and let the property imbue your memories with breathtaking views. What a perfect way to end the night, right?

If you feel like 2 days is too short to perceive the magnitude of the whole island and decide to stay more, check the 3-day Mykonos itinerary and get the most out of your time on the island of the winds.

10 days Greece itinerary


Day 4 of 10 day Greece Travel Itinerary – Set off for the real Santorini Experience  

10 days Greece itinerary Santorini

Hey sleepy heads! Today we recommend an early wake-up, because there is not even one reason to snooze our adventure. Mykonos has surely set some high standards, but the treat for today is the most romantic and picturesque island of Greece – Santorini! While approaching the island either by ferry or by plane, get overwhelmed with the fascinating setting of blue and white colors that will give you instant goosebumps. And be prepared for the lasting feeling of excitement, because Santorini is the island that never disappoints!

Insider’s tip: To ensure that everything runs smoothly from the very first moment, we highly recommend you to book your hotel transfers in advance via Welcome Pickups. Skip the waiting and chaos, find your driver that is waiting and relax in the back seat of the car, admiring the beauty of Santorini! 

10 days Greece itinerary transfer

Fall in love with Fira – Capital of Santorini Island

10 days Greece itinerary Fira

Most of the visitors book their accommodation in the main city of the island, Fira – dreamy, steep town carved in the caldera, whose beauty, rich culture and history will leave you speechless. Add sightseeing of Fira to your list of best things to do in Greece, and you will not regret it even for a minute. From the very first moment here, we suggest you explore the town on your own, wandering around narrow alleys, visiting the museums and art galleries, giving yourself over to the heartbeat of this amazing island. 

Many tavernas are scattered along the verge of the caldera, so sit there and don’t miss the chance to taste some local delicacies that can be found only in Santorini, like white eggplant or a creamy authentic dip named Fava. 

And if you would like to spice up the authentic Santorini feeling, a Budget friendly Catamaran cruise in Santorini is something you cannot skip. If you want a more glamorous and grand experience you can book a Semi private sunset catamaran cruise. The luxurious semi-private catamaran cruise will take you along the coast of Santorini, stopping at the Red Beach and White Beach, where you can swim and snorkel, or just lay on deck watching mesmerizing sunset views in Santorini. Give yourself a unique Santorini experience that will indulge your soul and body and will be the highlight of your 10 days Greece Itinerary. 

10 days Greece itinerary



Day 5 of 10 day Greece Travel Itinerary – Walk around Oia and get enchanted by the gorgeous sunset

10 days Greece itinerary Santorini island

Morning in Santorini is something that you have probably dreamed about since forever, and now your dream is coming true! Follow the enticing smells of freshly baked pastries that will lead you to the bakery, where you can grab a freshly-baked spinach pie called spanakopita. Take it away with the coffee of your choice and load your batteries for the day that is ahead of you.

If you want to experience an authentic local escapade you can join a cooking class & wine tasting tour in Santorini  in the area of Dekigala and refine your senses with all the local products that the island has to offer along with flavorful wine tasting. Find out how the volcanic soil helps the wine develop such an eclectic taste that is incomparable to the rest of the wines in the world.

10 days Greece itinerary


Follow the phenomenal path to Oia

10 days Greece itinerary Oia Santorini

On today’s list of best things to do in Santorini is a trip to Oia, the most instagrammable hotspot of Greece. From Fira to Oia take a bus, rent a car or a quad but you have to follow the marked winding road. On the way to Oia you can make small stops at the small villages of the island.  

After a short but exciting ride, you will finally reach the renowned beauty of Oia. Stop at every corner and admire the setting of the village and its calm, yet vivacious atmosphere. Once you start exploring Santorini’s romantic alleys and gorgeous architecture portrayed in many churches and galleries you will lose the notion of time, so make sure to witness the mesmerizing views looking on the endless Aegean from the old castle, above the iconic blue and white domes. 


Witness the magic of Ammoudi Bay 

10 days Greece itinerary Santorini Ammoudi baysource: @greece_moments

After strolling around the village, follow the staircase that leads to Ammoudi bay, a peaceful cove nestled within cliffs, packed with small tavernas where you can enjoy the freshly prepared Greek food overlooking the endless Aegean.  Spoil your palate with flavorsome sips of Santorini island wines while enjoying the visual rhapsody of rose-gold sunset colors. Food in Santorini is among the best things to do in Greece, so we can not think of a better way to end your day.

Have you seen all the celebrities and social media influencers post unbelievable photos on their social media feeds wearing those long and dazzling gowns that form unbelievable shapes while the aegean breeze blows and waves them? Do you want to take photos like that and impress your friends and potentially go viral? Then you have to book a Santorini Photographer that knows all the best spots on the island to take breathtaking photos of you. If you visit the island with your loved one, or with your family and friends you can arrange a group photo session that will help you capture your incredible time on the island forever.

10 days Greece itinerary


Observe the famous Santorini sunset while horse riding 

While admiring the scenes of turquoise, dazzling waters, you will feel how life is beautiful and witness the sensational sunset on the crystalline surface. Make sure you have enough space on your device as you will take countless photos of the whole area and especially the gorgeous sunset. Admire the yellow ball of fire change to hues of orange and witness it become one with the sea. Perceive the rich hues of red blended with oranges and purples. 

Try to spot the first stars that appear in the sky and drift away into another dimension where you are surrounded by beauty and serenity. Give yourself a unique Santorini experience that will indulge your body and soul. Join a Santorini horse riding at Eros beach which will help you return to nature and witness the unparalleled volcanic landscape of Santorini while riding the magical creatures called horses. Admire the rocks formed after the great eruption and capture your memories with photos that will make for the ideal souvenir from your vacations in Greece. 

10 days Greece itinerary

Alternatively, if you are a wine aficionado, what if while the sunset fills your mind with the most beautiful dreams, you can enhance your whole experience with a Santorini wine tour & wine tasting where you can try lots of different Santorinian wines and find out about the old wine making processes that are still being used today?

10 days Greece itinerary

Another fantastic day has come to an end… Try your best to relax, after all a new day is going to start sooner than you think, and you need your batteries fully charged to experience the most of it!


Day 6 of 10 day Greece Travel Itinerary – Spice up with some adrenaline your Santorini holidays

10 days Greece itinerary Santorini caldera

Wakey wakey early birds, the last day in Santorini has come. Many wonderful things to do in Greece are still waiting for you, so let’s continue our Santorini adventure.

Hike along the Santorini Caldera in the morning

We know that this island is all about relaxation and enjoyment, but if you want a bit of action you should definitely consider joining the Santorini Caldera hiking tour which is one of the top things to do in Greece. Walk the ancient paths engraved on the rocky surface of the Caldera that connect two parts of the island – Fira and Oia. Run away from the hustle and bustle of the island and start exploring the Santorini Caldera, where every step of the way will unveil ravishing views of Santorini and its inexplicable natural setting-pure magic. 

10 days Greece itinerary

Note: The hiking trail is approximately 10.5km long, easy and non-technical, and all you need for this adventure are comfortable shoes and good will, so remember to add Caldera hiking to your list of top things to do in Greece!

You will probably get hungry after all the hiking around the Caldera. Why not visit an impeccable local restaurant to satisfy our appetite? You know that’s exactly what you need…

Best restaurants for a lunch in Santorini 


  • Argo (Fira): Argo is a top-notch choice for those who wish to sit in a restaurant with indescribable views of the Caldera and want to try  environmentally friendly food. You should definitely try their ‘fava’ (Soup made of yellow split peas).
  • Selene (Fira): It is one of the most modern restaurants in Santorini and its aim is to introduce all the traditional Santorinian flavors to the public using fresh ingredients and local recipes.
  • 1800 (Oia): 1800 is the perfect option for those who want to take a trip back in time and enjoy traditional Mediterranean recipes. The restaurant is housed in a real captain’s house and has won numerous awards thanks to its incomparable dishes and gourmet cuisine in general.
  • Nichteri (Kamari): Considered one of the greatest taverns on the island, Nichteri combines authentic greek delicacies that will surprise even the most jaded audience. 



Feel Santorini’s evening vibes – top night clubs to visit in Santorini 

10 days Greece itinerary Santorini nightlife
source: @carsndplaces

When the sun comes down, the island starts to crowd with people, laughter and music coming from cafes and clubs tucked away in the narrow streets. And while the day has been full of experiences and views that fed your heart and soul, there is no better way to end it than with dancing and appreciating all there is to come next. 

Be sure that Santorini is vivid both during the day and the night, so don’t miss an evening stroll. Enjoy Santorini’s nightlife in one of many bars and cafes, ending the day with the relaxing sounds of jazz music or with contagious beats coming from the best clubs in Santorini. There are many great places in Santorini for all tastes, but we ‘ve gathered for you our top picks:

  • PK Cocktail Bar (Fira): A spectacular 3-level bar overlooking Santorini and the jaw-dropping Caldera. Sit down and choose from a broad collection of the finest cocktails, wines and spirits with the assistance of the most attentive service.
  • Tango Champagne & Cocktail bar (Fira): Built on the Caldera cliffs of Santorini, the 3-level bar will surprise you with its friendly open-air environment and the impeccable scenery of Santorini. Admire the sky of Santorini and dance under the illuminating stars.
  • Tropical bar (Fira)Sit on the balcony and perceive the beauty of Santorini while enjoying cocktails and juices made with fresh fruits. Make sure you go from 9pm to 11pm as it’s Happy Hour, an ideal time to at a low price.
  • Buddha beach bar (Imerovigli) : Try out heavenly tastes that reevaluate modern gastronomy. At Imerovigli explore all the invigorating asian treats accompanied with exceptional spirits and immerse in an unbelievable environment that will upgrade your standards.



Day 7 of 10 day Greece Travel Itinerary – Goodbye Santorini – Hello Naxos 

10 days Greece itinerary Naxos island

Hey, romantic people, we bet you are not ready to leave the magical Santorini, but today we are hopping on the ferry again, this time towards the untouched treasure of Cyclades, Naxos – so get up, put your smile on and let’s chase new adventures. 

Did you know that Naxos is one of the largest Cycladic islands that carries a story of ancient mythology, whose appearance flourished in the clash of medieval Venetian and Ottoman cultures? Rich history, beautiful nature, centuries long tradition and some of the best beaches in Greece are a guarantee that your stay here will be unforgettable. Moreover, since it is easily accessed via ferry from all surrounding islands, you simply do not have a reason not to include Naxos in your 10 days Greece Itinerary. 


Check in your hotel and let’s go exploring Naxos Town

10 days Greece itinerary Naxos islandsource: @travelhyped.gr

Welcome to Naxos, one of the most diverse islands in the Cyclades. Renting a vehicle in Naxos could be a good idea as it is the biggest island in the Cyclades and it is quite big to be explored on foot. Trust us, you will love this island so much you ‘ll leave no stone unturned…

[Useful tip: Make sure that you rent your vehicle in advance as there’s a limited number on the island]

Chora is the capital of the island and we highly recommend that you book a room in that area. There are many restaurants and coffee shops to try and there’s easy access to other villages and beaches from there. If you want a quieter place for the ultimate relaxation, find a room close to Agios Prokopios Beach, Agia Anna Beach or Plaka Beach. What are you waiting for? Check in, unpack your bags and get ready to create memories that will last forever.


Get lost in Chora, the heart of Naxos 

Your first day in Naxos can simply not go without visiting the Old Town-called Chora, a vigorous, inhabited village built on the top of the island. Immerse in the gorgeous scenery of Naxos and get thrilled by watching the castle from below. Follow the  signs towards the entrance, or use the lift to avoid climbing the steps. The dominant landmark of Chora is Kastro, an Old Venetian Castle whose walls are crowded with historical monuments that date back to the 13th century. Its picturesque, stone-paved alleys give you the feeling that you have stepped in the Middle Ages. Inside of the castle you will see numerous historical monuments such as the Ursulines boarding school, the Jesuits school of commerce building, the Kapela Kazatza, the Duke’s chapel and the tower of Krispi. 


Time to eat lunch like a real Naxian

10 days Greece itinerary Naxos food
source: @doukato.naxos

On your way back to the old town , have a stop at one of the best Naxian restaurants and try local delicacies as you ‘ll probably be hungry after all the exploring on the castle. If you want to delve into a flavorful experience, take a look at the market in Bourgos which is filled with shops and restaurants 

Visit restaurants where you will tantalize your palate with distinctive tastes of traditional cuisine. Famous for the mouth-watering seafood and meat meals, Naxian cuisine is also known for its local cheeses, so make sure to taste a few of them. 

Some of the best places to try original Naxian recipes are the following:


  • Doukato (Chora): Taste mouthwatering greek meals with a contemporary twist in a gorgeous environment that was once a school and a monastery. We recommend meals such as kalogeras (beef with a mixture of eggplant and cheese) and the specialty Doukato souvlaki.
  • Rotonda (Apeiranthos): Do you want to live a fulfilling experience combining impeccable delicacies and the beauty of the sunset in Santorini then Rotonda is the right place for you. 
  • O Vasilis (Melanes):  ‘O Vasilis’ is a cozy little family-owned restaurant with reasonable prices where you can feel the Aegean breeze from the top of the terrace. Order a fresh Greek salad and meet the friendly owners who will make you feel like you ‘ve known them for a long time.


After tasting some flavorsome delicacies, let ‘s explore the picturesque alleys of Naxos, once more.

Roam around the alleys of Naxos

Like all the historic centers, the old town is the best place to really experience the lifestyle of the locals on an island. Grab an ice cream and explore the narrow alleys for hours and admire Naxos’ white islandic houses. Pay attention to all the doors and window frames, painted in blue and visit local shops selling jewelry and cycladic figurines, and take a break in a tavern, a bar or coffee shop.

See unique churches in Naxos

10 days Greece itinerary Naxos churches

Naxos is famous for its  religious monuments and its countless churches and monasteries. As you walk towards the old port of Naxos, keep an eye out for ‘Panagia Myrtidiotissa’, a beautiful church on a small isle. We are certain that you ‘ve never seen a church perched on a small island before, which is accessed only by boat. Some kilometers away from the old town, on the side of a mountain you can find the monastery of Agios Ioannis Chrisostomos and in the area of ‘Grota’ you can find the Orthodox cathedral. 

Another fascinating church to visit is ‘Panagia Drossiani’ in Moni. ‘Panagia Drossiani’ is one of the oldest churches in Europe and it’s considered one of most historically important churches of the Byzantine era. The building is full of rare paintings and you have a stunning view of the valley of ‘Tangrea.’ If you are a religious person, you should definitely pay a visit to strengthen your faith. ( dumb?)

Hey Grekaddicts, now that you ‘ve enjoyed some of Naxos’ greatest dishes and witnessed a couple of glorious churches and monasteries, you can go back to your hotel and relax with a sense of excitement for your upcoming days on the island. 


Day 8 of 10 day Greece Travel Itinerary – Uncover the best beaches of Naxos

10 days Greece itinerary Naxos island

Taste traditional morning bites in a local bakery

Kalimera, folks, and welcome to the second day in the charming island of Naxos, filled with sea, sun and endless fun. You don’t need to hurry, wake up, relax and breathe in the fresh Aegean breeze that will clear your lungs and empty your mind.  

You can always find something in Chora as there are many places for a proper breakfast to boost your energy and help you get prepared for the day.

On the other hand, If you wake up early and  want to find out more about the local cuisine you can join a Naxos cooking class and olive oil tasting at 10 a.m., and enjoy a  fabulous tour with a local cook who will teach you how to make the best naxian recipes and witness how an olive oil press machine works. Satisfy your inner chef and unleash your inner creativity.

10 days Greece itinerary


Hit the best beaches of Naxos Island

Besides mouthful tastes of local Naxian cuisine, today we will also be exploring the best beaches in Naxos, which are usually on the list of the best beaches in the whole of Greece. So, quickly pack your beach necessities and rush towards your favorite beach! 

You can choose to stay at the beach near the town but if you want to explore,  rent a car, quad or motorbike for a very reasonable price and drive into adventure and explore the best beaches of Naxos island. Most beaches are located along the west side of the island. Just picture golden sandy beaches with emerald waters and atmospheric bars along the coast. 

[Note: Sun beds usually cost around 10 to 20 euro per set. ]

Depending on your preferences, you can choose between various beaches: 

  • Families that want to relax and enjoy some peaceful time with their kids can visit Agios Georgios Beach near Naxos town, a busy yet wonderful beach right next to the city center.

    10 days Greece itinerary
    source: @visitgreecewithme
  • Tranquility seekers can enjoy a quiet, relaxing beach day swimming in serene waters at Alyko or Pyrgaki beach.

    10 days Greece itinerary
    source: @naxos.aerial
  • Adrenaline seekers can visit Laguna beach or Glyfada beach, where you can try windsurfing or kitesurfing and have spectacular thrilling times.

    10 days Greece itinerary
    source: @renenax

As you can see, beaches in Naxos offer a wide variety of possibilities. The decision where to go is up to you and your mood, but trust us that whatever you choose you can never go wrong with a beach in Greece! – Or if you are brave enough, try to hit them all in one day! 


Day 9 of 10 day Greece Travel Itinerary – Immerse in the vibrant city of Naxos 

10 days Greece itinerary Naxos town

Good morning, sleepy heads! Today you may expect another lazy and relaxed beach day on some of the best beaches in Naxos island, but you guessed wrong! The third day in Naxos island is all about discovering picturesque, authentic Greek villages that are one of the most beautiful features of this majestic island. 

So, here is the plan for today: First thing in the morning is a visit to a local bakery with plethoric pastry varieties and indulge in delicious bites for your favorite desserts and pies.  And to sweeten your stay here, ask for the dessert called Melachrino, a walnuts and citrus syrup cake that is a seventh heaven for all sweet-tooths!


Hike the mountainous villages of Naxos island

10 days Greece itinerary Naxos villagessource: @nikppvsl

Old villages of Naxos island are built on mountainous slopes around the island, and are a definite must-see! Trekking trails are pleasant and provide majestic views, and even connect villages between them – so you can go exploring from one to another. If you decide to spend your day hiking, don’t miss villages like Apeirathos, Filoti and Sagri that abound with museums, churches and other landmarks and breathe out history and a mix of Byzantine and Venetian cultures that have remained imprinted in the spirit of Naxos island. Some of these villages are perfect hiking destinations, so pick one destination, pack your hiking gear and start exploring!

If you on the other hand, prefer to hike in a group led by a professional guide, join our Naxos Hiking Tour and spend precious moments hiking the ascending grounds of Naxos island.


10 days Greece itinerary


Spend a perfect afternoon in Naxos island – Best bars in Naxos Town 

10 days Greece itinerary Naxos islandsource: @520premium

Afternoons in Naxos island are magical. Take a stroll to the Old Market in Bourgos, packed with shops and restaurants where you can indulge in delicious bites of Naxian cuisine. Later at night you can have some fun at a local bar or club and have the time of your life with your friends and family.

  • 520 cocktail bar & Ocean Club (Chora): Two clubs right next to each other and the ultimate hotspots on the island where you can have refreshing drinks, gaze at the stars and dance the night away til early in the morning.
  • Jazz & Blues (Chora): Finish your day in Naxos island at Jazz & Blues, calm yourself listening to atmospheric music and end your day feeling relaxed and refreshed.
  • Notos: Transport yourself to a caribbean island with the club’s chill vibes,enjoy flavorful cocktails and don’t miss Naxos’ traditional liqueur made from a lemon that has a thicker skin and tends to be sweeter than the normal lemon.

What a great end to a perfect day? After a long day of adrenaline and devouring local delicacies it’s time to drift away to the world of dreams… Who knows? The following day might be even better…


Day 10 of 10 day Greece Travel Itinerary – Learn the history of Naxos island

10 days Greece itinerary Naxos

Hello travelers! The last day of our 10 days Greece Itinerary has come, we all know how time flies when you are having a great time. We are sure that this is not the last time you are visiting Greece, so don’t feel sad because our adventure is approaching its end, but let’s make some more memories instead!

Visit the historical monuments of Naxos Island 

10 days Greece itinerary Naxos island

We have already mentioned that Naxos island has a rich historical background portrayed through a plethora of ancient monuments and sites present on the island. 

  • One of them is Portara, an imposing marble portal that is the remains from Apollo’s Temple, that serves today as the main landmark of Naxos island. To avoid crowds, go to Portara early in the morning, but if you are in the search for breathtaking scenes of sunset in Naxos island with no tourists on sight, visit Portara during the sunset.
  • Another temple located in central Naxos is the Temple of Demeter, that will transport you through ancient times with more than 50% of its original pieces intact.
  • Following the path of history, visit two significant museums in Naxos island that are among the best things to do in Greece: Archaeological Museum of Naxos and Domus Venetian Museum. 

After a meeting with the past, we suggest you spend the rest of the day blending in with locals and simply enjoying the last hours here, as a preparation for everything that waits for you back home! 

And that is it, our detailed 10 days Greece Itinerary! We hope that you have enjoyed these fantastic destinations and that we managed to transmit the uniqueness that Greece has! What do you think, are there any destinations and things to do in Greece that we did not mention? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments!  And of course, if you need any help with your Greek holiday planning, feel free to ping us any time! Kalo taxidi Grekaddicts, Greece is waiting for you! 😊 

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