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10 Santorini Greece Food You Must Try

10 Santorini Greece Food You Must Try

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What are the best 10 Santorini Greece Food to try?

Santorini – endless turquoise sea, breathtaking sunsets and white houses adorning the land. There is no need for further description of this mesmerizing island. Santorini has surely set high standards for all touristic getaways all around the world. However, besides offering magical scenery and picturesque small alleys that breathe out centuries-old culture and tradition, this Greek treasure can make your mouth water. Just like its magical nature, the Santorini food scene is exclusively distinctive and unique and prepare to be amazed with its incomparable dishes uncovered in our list of 10 Greek food you must try in Santorini.

Wondering what to eat in Santorini? Delicious homemade desserts, freshly caught fish and ingredients that can only be found in Santorini will blow your mind! Being the leader in a high number of rich flavors, its meals are indissolubly associated with the Mediterranean cuisine. So, leave everything aside because we are traveling to Greece to explore the delicious food in Santorini.  Since you will be hungry as soon as you step foot on this famous Greek island, here is a list of the top 10 Greek foods you must try in in Santorini


#1. Santorini Greece Food: Spanakopita 


Rise and shine travelers it’s time for some traditional Greek breakfast! In case you are wondering what to eat in Santorini every morning, stop it right there because we have a solution!  There is no better way to start a day than to enjoy the bites of freshly baked spanakopita. Soft earthy spinach leaves and salty creamy cheese encased in crisp phyllo pastry make a perfect combination of tastes. Don’t hesitate to combine it with a cup of local yogurt or Greek coffee. Besides being insanely tasty breakfast, spanakopita is a real vegetarians’ dream, since it can be proudly positioned on the top of the “vegetarian food to taste in Santorini” list. Trust us when we say that these little mouthwatering bites will be some of the best Santorini food you tasted. Wake up before the cruises arrive and enjoy this warm breakfast while soaking in the rare beauty of Santorini’s peaceful mornings. 


10 Greek foods you must try in Santorini


#2. Santorini Greece Food: Fava


Who said that dips cannot be healthy? Extremely tasty, velvety in texture and incomparable sweet are just some of the words that define fava. Santorini Fava dip is one of the main traditional delicates with principal ingredients being beans and onion. This delicious appetizer has to be on your list of “must try foods in Santorini” since it plays a significant role in Santorini cuisine and culture. Besides being a trademark dish, Santorini fava has PDO as it is extra nutritious and rich in proteins. So, friends, dive into this local dip and don’t forget to add some lemon and olive oil on top to enrich the creamy flavor! 


#3. Santorini Greece Food: Chlorotiri Cheese 


Is it even regarded as a traditional Greek lunch if it doesn’t have some mouthwatering cheese? Chlorotiri, a local Santorini cheese, is produced by goat milk. Its slightly sour yet creamy and soft texture is a really distinctive flavor that replaces the Greek trademark feta.  If you are questioning what to eat in Santorini but to be entirely authentic, this is the food. What makes this dish so unique is its rareness as it can be only found on Santorini’s land and even there, not many locals make it. Hence, it should not be questioned whether this local delight belongs to the list of the most inviting food in Santorini that you absolutely must try. Its buttery consistency ideally spreads on fresh bread and it goes perfectly as a fresh ingredient in Santorini salad. 


10 Greek foods you must try in Santorini


#4. Santorini Greece Food: Melitzanes Santorinis (White eggplant)

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Another outcome of Santorini being blessed with dry volcanic microclimate and soil is white eggplant. That’s right, they are white. This unique vegetable has strong competitive advantage in comparison to regular purple counterpart such as fewer seeds and does not absorb oil while fried. Another uncommon feature is their particularly sweet taste which gives a completely distinctive touch to various local recipes such as “melitzanosalata’. So healthy travellers, this unique vegetable is definitely something that belongs to a vegetarian food to taste in Santorini.  Don’t miss a chance to taste this rare food in Santorini. 


#5. Santorini Greece Food: Apochti  


Continuing our list of the top foods to try in Santorini is Apochti. Meat lovers, in case you are in doubt of what to eat in Santorini, we have a delicious solution for you. How does a luscious portion of pork carpaccio sound like? Santorini cuisine never ceases to amaze neither does cured pork loin. The secret behind it being so tasty is that it requires four day preparation. So, Apochti is a pork loin which is sprinkled with salt and soaked in vinegar before being air-dried in the sun. Later, it is treated with fresh chopped peppers and cinnamon. After it hardens, it is ready to be served or used in various recipes. Sounds tempting, right? 

10 Greek foods you must try in Santorini

#6. Santorini Greece Food: Fresh Fish 


Regardless of the island’s steep coastline and the extremely fertile soil which made Santorini cuisine focus more on agriculture rather than fishing, one cannot go to this magical place and not enjoy the seafood dinner by the shore.  Freshly caught cod or gurnard prepared in special Santorini way using only local products will make your mouth water. We recommend you to enjoy a portion of “Brandade de Bacalao” cod prepare with creamy garlic sauce. This dinner is going to be a number one on the list of all vegetarian food to taste in Santorini.   If you desire to further explore the food menu in Santorini, check out Sightseeing and Cooking Class in Santorini tour and learn all the secrets of Santorini food and pick up the tricks from a professional local chef to enrich your daily cuisine back at home. 


10 Greek foods you must try in Santorini


#7. Santorini Greece Food: Ntomatokeftedes (tomato fritters)


Santorini is home to another dish that can be found only on the premises of the island – Ntomatokeftedes. This exclusive dish would not be so scarce without its main ingredient one-of-a-kind cherry-size tomatoes. Thick skin and a sweet and sour taste of small tomatoes mixed with peppers, herbs and the golden liquid of Greece make a party of flavors in your mouth. The extra flavorsome tomato fitters are great appetizer that can be combined with almost any other dish from Santorini food scene. Simultaneously, trust us, it is a perfect vegetarian food to try in Santorini. 


10 Greek foods you must try in Santorini


#8. Santorini Greece Food: Kopania 


Wanna sweeten your day during your stay in Santorini, but simultaneously experience authentic local flavor?  Wanna find a sweet vegetarian food to taste in Santorini?  Kopania is the word. These sweet balls have century-long culture and were always present on all celebrations and gatherings of local families in Santorini. The Kopania bites are made of crushed barley rusks mixed with raisins and sesame seeds. The dough is rolled and drizzled with some more fresh sesame seeds. Yummy! This delightful dessert can be found with wine or coconut. Regardless of the variation, this is one of the best sweet foods to try in Santorini. Hey, eat as much as you want with not a single regret because these little balls of happiness are nutritious and extremely low in fat!


#9. Santorini Greece Food: Melitinia  

While walking under the sun you must be thinking about what to eat in Santorini to boost up your sugar. Melithana is traditionally baked during Easter to sweeten the holidays but can be found in local bakeries throughout the entire year. This diminutive tartlets of sweet cheese have to be delicately and skillfully “pinched” by hand and carefully filled with unsalted cheese. The origin of the name derives from the ancient  Greek word (“melitero”) meaning ‘sweet as honey’. Hence, this jewel-like dessert belongs to the best food to eat in Santorini as it’s gonna make you lick your fingers!


#10. Santorini Greece Food: Santorini Wine

10 Greek foods you must try in Santorini

“Life is too short to drink bad wine.” Ending our list of the top Greek foods to try in Santorini is their wine! The unique soil formation and Mediterranean climate made Santorini wines incomparable and renowned all around the world. Due to the land’s volcanic soil, the wines of Santorini are rich in minerals and considered to be the best in Greece. Some of the most famous local wines are Assyrtiko, Nyxtheri, Athiri and Aidani. However, if you are a true wine lover and desire to uncover secrets of Greek winemaking, its culture and its rich history that roots back to 1630 B.C. consider participating in Santorini Wine Tour. Indulge in distinctive aromas and enjoy a glass (or few) of the local treasure, while feasting your eyes on the spectacular beauty of Santorini. Remember, in wine there’s the truth. 


10 Greek foods you must try in Santorini


We don’t know about you, but we are getting hungry! One thing is certain and that is that besides mesmerizing scenery, the unique dishes of Santorini food scene are waiting for you to be tasted and enjoyed. We hope that we assisted your list of what to eat in Santorini.  It’s the right time to sit down and plan another great trip! Kali Oreksi! 

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