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10 Things You Must Do in Halkidiki this Summer

10 Things You Must Do in Halkidiki this Summer

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Are you looking for a dream destination this summer? Well folks, look no further! Halkidiki is one of the most renowned summer spots in Greece! Calm waters and endless beaches aren’t the only attributes that have tourists flooding in from around the globe, there are just so many things that you can do in Halkidiki! Halkidiki is best known for what the Greeks have named the three “legs”, the shape in which the land has formed has resulted in three main areas of land to extend out into the waters, there is Kassandra, Sithonia & Agio Oros. For your next visit in Greece, we present you, 10 things you must do in Halkidiki this summer!

1. Water Sports

Water Sports

Water sports are one of many things to do in Halkidiki, what would summer by the sea be if you couldn’t personally experience the magic of the turquoise waters? Fortunately for you the options are endless; there are a large number of activities just waiting. How about going tubing in the morning, jet skiing by noon and taking up the chance to kayak your way into the sunset in the evening? If you would like, try mixing it up a bit by choosing your own water sports, select from kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, fly boarding, snorkeling, tubing and  jet skiing!

2. Hiking


Halkidiki isn’t only known for its crystal waters but also for its picturesque landscapes, if you’re not a fan of the waves then Halkdiki also has a number of different hiking and trekking routes specifically created for you. You don’t have to be a professional to take part in these fun activities, bring along your family and friends too!

3. Cruises


Water sports aren’t the only ways to enjoy the Greek waters, there are also a number of cruises that you can look out for, whether it’s just you and a friend, your family or a large group there is a cruise suitable for every occasion. Become a captain for the day and head out into the waters, if sunsets are more of your thing then how about a sunset cruise on a catamaran? There are also other options like a blue lagoon cruise along Sithonia, or even cruises in Mount Athos, there are many things to do in Halkidiki this summer!

4. Photo Shoot

Photo Shoot

What better than to plan a photo shoot in beautiful Halkidiki, whether you’ve just gotten married, just had a baby, or simply just want to take some photos with a view along with your bestie- what a perfect way to make every memory count!

5. Explore the Towns

Explore the Towns

Do you just want  to just unwind? Then why not stroll around the many towns that are spread out around Halkidiki, you can go for ice-cream, crab a coffee or even pick up a delicious snack on your walk, there are many relaxing things to do in Halkidiki too!

6. Yoga


Halkidiki is the perfect location for yoga, in such a serene and tranquil location it would be a mistake not to take advantage or your surroundings. Do you know what’s even better? Kayaking to an uninhabited, blissful island for a few hours of relaxing yoga.

7. Fishing


Fishing is also one of many unique things to do in Halkidiki, if you’re feeling adventurous why not jump onto a kayak to catch your dinner! You even have the chance to cook up a storm with a complimentary glass of wine and a breathtaking view.

8. Beaches


It is not a secret that Greece is home to the most heavenly beaches known to man, with such a wide variety of textured sands and blue waters, Halkidiki allows you the chance to experience miles and miles of pure perfection.

9. Greek Cuisine

Greek Cuisine

Greek cuisine is one of the most delectable, flavorful and appetizing in the entire world- there is no space for modesty especially when you experience the party in your mouth for yourself. Being in Halkidiki is a great opportunity to try seafood delicacies, trust us, you won’t be disappointed! If you happen to stop by Thessaloniki and you classify yourself as a ride or die foodie, try taking up a food and culture tour in the city.

10. RELAX!


Even if there are many things to do in Halkidiki, nothing beats just taking some time for yourself and resting, especially when you are in a place so rich in beauty!

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