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3 day Halkidiki itinerary

3 day Halkidiki Holidays Itinerary

3 day Halkidiki Holidays Itinerary

3 day Halkidiki itinerary , ,

What to do in Halkdiki in 3 days?

Hey explorers! We heard that you are planning to spend few days in Halkidiki, Greece’s mainland gem so we have prepared an unforgettable 3 day Halkidiki holidays itinerary that has it all – glorious nature and landscapes, historical and cultural must-sees, and lengthy list of best things to do in Halkidiki

Halkidiki peninsula is located in northern Greece and due to its unusual shape, it is divided in three “fingers” named Kassandra, Sithonia and Mount Athos. Every part of the peninsula is a story for itself, and depending on your taste you can choose to spend the day partying in exotic beach bars or uncovering idyllic hidden coves and thrilling environments. Golden, sandy beaches and endless, crystal clear sea combined with scents of pine forests that lean on the shore make Halkidiki one of the most appealing tourist destinations in Greece. 

Despite unbelievable, untouched nature, Halkidiki has a rich history and cultural heritage that are portrayed through unique villages and ancient archaeological sites and monuments. If you ask anyone who lives in northern Greece, they will all agree in one – there is no other place like Halkidiki. We agree with them, so grab a pen and start taking notes, because we are travelling you to Halkidiki! 


How to get to Halkidiki

3 day Halkidiki itinerary

Our adventure is about to start, but before we start unraveling its genuine beauty, let’s discuss the best ways to reach Halkidiki! Halkidiki is located only 80 kilometers from Greece’s second-largest city, Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki is easily accessible by various transportation means: airplane, bus and car. For transportation from Thessaloniki to Halkidiki you can use public buses operated by KTEL, taxi or private vehicle booked through our website. Choose the way that suits you the best and dive into endless amusement and many exciting things to do in Halkidiki. If you want to learn more about ways to reach Halkidiki from Thessaloniki’s airport, you should check our guide on this topic.

When it comes to getting around in Halkidiki, we recommend you to rent a car/motorbike. In almost every place, there are car renting agencies where for a very reasonable price you can rent a vehicle. This is the most convenient way, since you can determine your daily schedule without having to wait or worry about bus timelines. And, having in mind that Halkidiki road has a bunch of viewpoints where you can create perfect photos as a memory of your Halkidiki holidays itinerary, it is definitely the most exciting way! In case that you prefer to use local bus lines, check their official website for detailed information about schedules, ticket prices and destination. And finally, there are cabs, but prior to the start of the ride make sure to ask the driver about the approximate price of the ride, in order to avoid any potential inconveniences. Now that you have mastered the transportation in Halkidiki, let’s get back to our magical 3 days holidays in Halkidiki

3 day Halkidiki itinerary


Day 1 of 3 day Halkidiki holidays itinerary

Spend a perfect morning in Halkidiki 

3 day Halkidiki itinerary

Kalimera, Grekaddicts! It is the very first day of our 3 day Halkidiki holidays itinerary, so make sure to leave your warm beds earlier because stirring things to do in Halkidiki that are waiting.

Once you open your sleepy eyes and see the peaceful Halkidiki morning scene, your heart will start beating faster and you will feel an inexplicable need to start running towards the beach…  but, before you do, you need a proper, Greek energy boost as a fuel for the rest of the day. You guessed right, we are talking about breakfast!

Many beach bars offer regular breakfast menus, consisting of eggs in various ways and different kinds of sandwiches, but if you are looking for the best breakfast place in Halkidiki, make sure to visit a local bakery. Captivating aroma of freshly baked pastries will guide you to the nearest pastry shop where you will be faced with a tough decision – what to eat for breakfast in Halkidiki? 

Cheese-lovers can dive in delicious bites of tyropita – savory, crispy pastry filled with the most creamy feta cheese, while the ones who prefer light breakfast can try koulouri – bread ring sprinkled with sesame that makes irresistible golden crispy crust. If you have a sweet tooth and some serious craving for sweet breakfast, ask for bougatsa filled with vanilla cream, add some Merenda (Greek version of Nutella) and powdered sugar on top of it and feel the rhapsody of tastes in your mouth. Pair these flavorful bites with cup of Greek yogurt, or frappe and prepare yourselves for the day filled with adventures and joy. 


It’s time to get in the car and discover the best beaches of Kassandra in Halkidki

3 day Halkidiki itinerary

As we already mentioned before, Halkidiki is divided into three peninsulas, or so called “fingers”, and the first one of them is Kassandra. During the first day of the 3 day Halkidiki holidays itinerary, we will uncover this extraordinary peninsula.

Charming queen of vivid life during both day and night attracts thousands of tourists every year, who are fascinated by its splendid beaches, dreamy, traditional places and other compelling amenities. Kassandra peninsula is renowned  for its distinctive natural setting, cosmopolitan beach bars, nightlife and endless entertaining options that will please even the most demanding travelers. Whether you are up for a relaxing day at the beach, or day filled with exciting activities, Kassandra has an abundance of wonderful places, so don’t wait any longer and let’s meet this beauty! 


Best beaches in Kassandra peninsula in Halkidiki

3 day Halkidiki itinerary

Xenia beach, Halkidiki

3 day Halkidiki itinerary
source: @cabanabeach.gr

Located only 4km from a village Pefkochori, with crystal clear waters and tender, white sand Xenia beach is a very popular choice among tourists, especially young ones. Due to its length of 3 kilometers, Xenia beach is semi-organized, with two very popular beach bars in Halkidiki: Cabana and Lefki Ammos. During summer, the two beach bars are the party haven of Kassandra, and with many great events organized here daily it can be very hard to find a free place, so if you want to visit Xenia beach, make sure to make a reservation. 

Possidi beach, Halkidiki

3 day Halkidiki itinerary
source: @topeuropephoto

Just like a real jewel, infinite turquoise water and golden sand of Possidi beach are almost hidden behind the wooded area of Possidi village. Its atypical form and sizable length offer the visitors plenty of room for swimming, sunbathing and relaxing in a peaceful environment. Despite the fact that it is jam-packed with beach bars and taverns, this charming beach is the perfect choice for a day filled with tranquility and stillness. 

Kallithea beach, Halkidiki

3 day Halkidiki itinerary
source: @spyridoulaaaa

Easily accessed by foot from Kallithea village, Kallithea beach is among the best and most visited beaches in Halkidiki. It is a perfect choice for visitors of any age as many facilities are available on the place: beach bars lined up on the shore, beach volley courts and even various water sports. Choose between relaxation and staying active, and enjoy an amusing day at sea! 

Enjoy water activities in Nea Skioni

Another great way to spend a wonderful day at the beach is with Single Day Water Sport Activities in Nea Skioni. Warm up your body and for 4 hours ride into serene Halkidiki waters, relaxing your mind and your soul. Water sport activities in Halkidiki give you a unique opportunity to explore and connect with nature while riding a canoe, pedal or paddle board. It is adapted to every age, so feel free to share this special experience with your family or friends. 


3 day Halkidiki itinerary


Take a break from the sea and visit Petralona cave in Halkidiki 

Until now, you probably have thought how this Halkidiki itinerary is only about beaches and amusement with no historical places and landmarks at sight…well, you thought wrong! 

Our next station is The Petralona cave, one the most important caves in Europe due to the fact that it was hiding the earliest human findings in Europe – 700.000 years old human skull. Rich collection of animal and human fossils and wondrous geological beauty shown in chambers full of stalactites and stalagmites tell a story about life in prehistoric times, which is why Petralona Cave should definitely be on your 3 day Halkidiki holidays itinerary wish-list. 

Next to the entrance of Petralona cave is an Anthropological Museum that contains remains of the cave, but also some other sites from all over Greece. Its interior is painted with frescos showing evolution of life in the past 4.5 billion years and filled with almost 2000 findings of excavations including stone tools, fossilized animals and human remains. There is definitely a reason why Petralona cave is always listed as one of the top things to do in Halkidiki, so make sure to visit it! 


Explore Afytos village during afternoon hours in Kassandra

3 day Halkidiki itinerary

Built on a hill, Afytos has terraces with an outstanding sea view and according to many is one of the most beautiful places in Halkidiki. This traditional village exudes Greek atmosphere and tradition, and has kept its authentic appearance seen in cobble lanes and stone-built houses until today. Enjoy the romantic, evening atmosphere of the village while admiring its unique architecture. Visit the church of Agios Dimitrios that is considered to be the landmark of this charming small town. Continue your walk to local tavernas, where you can indulge in toothsome tastes of  fresh seafood and exquisite Greek specialties. Start with mezes-Greek salad, tzatziki, tyrokafteri and pita bread, and then move to the main course: souvlaki, soutzoukaki or portion of gyros. 

Insider’s tip: Many restaurants offer a free dessert to show appreciation to their guests, so leave some place for sweet bits because it’s memories that count, not calories! 

… or Stroll around Sani marina 

3 day Halkidiki itinerary

Among diverse luxurious resorts that can be found in Halkidiki, Sani resort is the most enchanting without a doubt. Tucked between pine forest tree lines and turquoise water, this lavish complex offers everything one could wish for – spectacular beaches, imposing marina with many distinguished cafes and restaurants and unspoiled natural surroundings. Stroll around the wonderful pedestrian zone and feel the vibrant atmosphere that starts spreading as the evening hours come. Go to the end of the resort, where you will find Bousoulas beach bar, whose cozy, white-washed interior clinging to the sea makes it the place with the most stunning sunset view. Looking at the scene of golden sun while it kisses the sea from this exact spot is one of the best things to do in Halkidiki

Put on your best clothes for a adventurous Nightlife in Kassandra

3 day Halkidiki itinerary
source: @pearlclubhalkidiki

When the sun comes down, Kassandra turns into the center of Halkidiki nightlife that gathers all entertainment and party seekers in some of the best nightclubs in Halkidiki. 

Kallithea is the most popular destination in Kassandra when it comes to nightlife, where you can choose between pleasant cafes and cocktail bars with homey atmosphere and  premium clubs that promise unforgettable nights. Show your moves on the dancefloor of the best open-air clubs in Kalithea such as Pearl, Angels and Ahoy. Famous DJs and artists, international music and memorable atmosphere that can be only experienced in Greece are the reasons why every moment of these parties will set high standards for your upcoming nightlife expectations. And the best part is that party does not finish until early morning hours, so make sure to wait for the dawn under the open sky! 

Insider’s tip: If you are looking for a more relaxed place with delicious food and extensive cocktail menu, make sure to go to BLU Seaside Cafe Bar, whose nature-inspired interior and balcony with a sea view breathe out Greek summer nights.


Day 2 of 3 day Halkidiki holidays itinerary

Start your day following the Aristotle’s path 

3 day Halkidiki itinerary

Good morning early birds! Our second day of 3 day Halkidiki holidays itinerary starts in Stagira, where you will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to follow the footsteps of Aristotle, the most influential Greek philosopher in ancient Greece in Aristotle Path Hiking tour in Halkidiki. Enrich your knowledge about his inheritance while hiking in Halkidiki and uncover the historical significance of this place. This Halkidiki trekking tour is guided by experienced tour guides that will direct you in traversing the whilom path of the Father of Western Philosophy. 


3 day Halkidiki itinerary


Are you ready to unlock the authentic peninsula of Halkidiki… and breathe in Sithonia calmness?

3 day Halkidiki itinerary

Sithonia, the second “finger” of Halkidiki peninsula is considered as a true treasure of northern Greek shore whose mountainous landscape with the most wonderful infinite, pale-blue waters attract visitors from all around the world. 

White sand coastline, hidden coves and idyllic beaches away from the crowds, quiet, small towns with authentic Greek feel… ah, Sithonia is really the place from our dreams! According to the fact that Sithonia has the best beaches not only in Halkidiki, but all over Greece, even locals eagerly choose it as their summer destination. We will guide you through our favorite beaches and best places in Sithonia, but don’t be afraid to spend some time wandering on your own, because that is when the true, out of sight natural treasures are discovered! 


Best beaches in Sithonia 

3 day Halkidiki itinerary
source: @katerinakatopis

Vourvourou beach, Sithonia


3 day Halkidiki itinerary
source: @airvuz

At the beginning of the winding Sithonia road, stashed away in pinewoods the small village of Vourvourou has found a home. Magnificent, sandy beach and turquoise, shallow water together with taverns and cafes that depict true Greek spirit are the reason why Vourvourou has captured the hearts of countless vacationers who keep coming back.

Opposite to Vourvourou bay, lies the uninhabited archipelago consisted of 9 islands, with the island of Diaporos being the most popular. Hidden beaches, secluded coves and peerless colors of water are something you should not skip in this 3 day Halkidiki holidays itinerary. Explore Vourvourou beach, soak in the beauty of this majestic place and replenish energy for everything that awaits for you back at home.


3 day Halkidiki itinerary


Sarti beach, Sithonia

3 day Halkidiki itinerary
source: @grckainfo

Wide beach that seems to have no end, dotted with numerous beach bars and cafes and embroidered with crystal sea is the perfect choice for the ones who want to have the best of both worlds. Beach volley fields and long list of water sport activities make Sarti beach one of the best and most favorite beaches in Halkidiki. And while it is always crowded with tourists, Sarti beach is so wide that you can wander just a few meters away and find peace and quietness. Place like this is located on the very end of Sarti bay, where the beach gets a bit hilly and where you can climb up to wooden benches that provide exquisite sea views. 

Insider’s tip: Sport addicts who want to experience Sarti beach in depth can hop on a canoe, pedal or paddle board and ride along the peaceful coast in Water Sport Activities tour in Sarti, Halkidiki.


3 day Halkidiki itinerary

Orange beach, Sithonia

3 day Halkidiki itinerary
source: @greeklustcom

Orange beach or Portokali beach consists not of one, but many small beaches lined up on a few kilometers long shore. Powdery sand and incomparable crystalline water are the reason why this beach is always on the lists of best beaches in Halkidiki and in Greece. Parking is available at the place, but if the whole area is stuffed with cars, you can find some “wild” parking spot in the surrounding woods. 

The main beach is organized, but rather small and crowded with sunbeds and umbrellas, so in case that you can’t find an empty chair when you arrive, put your towel anywhere you find a free space – even if it is on the surrounding rocks. Jump into the sea and spend an unforgettable day swimming and snorkeling on Orange Beach!

Explore best beaches in Halkidiki on Catamaran Cruise

Have you ever dreamed about exploring clandestine bays and glorious beaches on catamaran cruise in Halkidiki? Embark on Daylight Catamaran Cruise and ride into calm sea, where for the next 7 hours you will be uncovering mesmerizing Sithonia landscape. Besides exploring the beaches, swimming, and snorkeling, during the day you will be served with Greek gastronomic delights. Spoil all of your senses in this unique catamaran tour in Halkidiki!


3 day Halkidiki itinerary

Rent a boat in Vourvourou and explore the untouched Diaporos Islands

3 day Halkidiki itinerary
source: @nikana.gr

Many remarkable beaches in Sithonia can be visited and accessed by car, but just imagine how many of them remained unspoiled, waiting for you to discover them! Vourvourou is the place with glaring waters and untouched natural beauty, and exploring it by boat is a completely unique experience worth seeing. Rent a boat in Vourvourou, leave your worries on the shore and ride off into the adventure of the lifetime. Picture the following scene: you are on the boat, surrounded with your beloved ones while the Vourvourou shore becomes quiet and peaceful and rose-gold shades start spilling on the sky. Create lifelong memories cruising into Vourvourou sunset and make the most of your 3 day Halkidiki itinerary.


3 day Halkidiki itinerary

Discover village of Agios Nikolaos during afternoon hours

3 day Halkidiki itinerary

Possibilities of things to do in Halkidiki during afternoon hours are infinite, but the true Greek spirit hides in traditional villages. Our recommendation is the village of Agios Nikolaos – a tiny, picturesque village located in the mountains at the beginning of the Sithonia peninsula. Although it has overtaken the modern standards of architecture in some parts of the village, it has kept the authentic stone houses and buildings and narrow streets dating back from the 19th century. 

The main square of Agios Nikolaos has a plethora of restaurants and tavernas which surround the central fountain, the meeting point of tourists that come to the village all across the globe. Summer afternoons and evenings in Agios Nikolaos are absolutely magical, so do not miss the opportunity to mingle with locals while munching tasteful appetizers and sipping their homemade wines and tsipouro. 


Spend evening in Neos Marmaras

3 day Halkidiki itinerary
source: Okyalos seafood restaurant

As the day is slowly coming to an end, the small town of Neos Marmaras starts filling out with music and laughter and an easy-going atmosphere. Especially during summertime, nights here become vibrant and nightlife intense. Dine in one of the best restaurants in Neos Marmaras, Okyalos, where tasteful bites of traditional Greek food will be spiced with a gorgeous sea view. Take a few sips of refreshing cocktails and enjoy the relaxing environment of Molos Bar or Notos Cocktail Bar. Finally, for an authentic Greek atmosphere, visit Naval Cafe Kitchen Bar where you can enjoy traditional drinks such as wine, ouzo and metaxa accompanied by the sounds of live music. 


Day 3 of 3 day Halkidiki holidays itinerary

We know that you are sad as it is the final day of your 3 day Halkidiki holidays itinerary,  we are too, but let’s not waste time on sadness – more magical places and amazing things to do are waiting us in Halkidiki! Choose among one-of-a-kind day trips that will guide you around Halkdiki’s sights, take away freddo espresso or freddo cappuccino and let the third day of our adventure begin!


Cruise around Mount Athos 

3 day Halkidiki itinerary

Since we have already explored Kassandra and Sithonia peninsula, today it is time to unveil the enchantment of the third “finger” Mount Athos, holy place and a genuine wonder of nature. Mount Athos is a closed, monastic region that is not open to the public, hence can be visited only by men with special authorization. Due to the strict rules that are applied hundreds of years behind, women are not allowed to step their foot on the ground of Mount Athos. Its beauty and wondrous landscape can be seen from the eastern shore of Sithonia, but also from many boat trips that are organized around it. 

If you want to learn everything about this sacred place and to admire its sweeping beauty from a cruise ship, join us in our Mount Athos Cruise tour in Halkidiki. Jump on the traditional ship that will lead you through the magic vibes of Sithonia bay and Ouranoupoli village. Immerse into the breathtaking waters of Halkidiki and give yourself over to an inimitable natural environment. Most of the time, the cruise ships are accompanied by a flock of dolphins which are swimming along, so keep your eyes widely open (and cameras ready)! Cruise to Mount Athos is considered to be among the best things to do in Halkidiki, so don’t give it a second thought! (and it’s so affordable too) 


3 day Halkidiki itinerary


Stop by Ouranoupolis for a quick meze lunch 

3 day Halkidiki itinerary
source: @acamatic

Ouranoupolis, or what locals like to call it “Gates of Mount Athos”, is an ancient city converted with time to vivacious Halkidiki village. Its proximity to the monastic region gathers many pilgrims all year round, but the village’s surrounding has various monuments, churches and amenities which are the reason why it attracts many visitors during all seasons. 

Ouranopolis is also known for its beautiful, long sandy beach and that combined with nearness to one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, Ammouliani makes it a lovely summer destination. Take a stroll to Prosforo Tower, Byzantine monument that is the landmark of Ouranopolis located right next to the harbor. What is interesting is the fact that the tower has been constructed in the period from 12th to 19th century, and phases of this construction are visible on its exterior. 

Insider’s tip: Relax on the Ouranoupolis beach or rent a boat in Ouranoupoli and unveil the magic of the endless Halkidiki horizon.


3 day Halkidiki itinerary

Rent a boat and sail  towards Ammouliani Island, Halkdiki’s most famous island 

3 day Halkidiki itinerary

Small yet marvelous island of Ammouliani will make you fall in love with it at the moment you start searching for it on Google maps. Blue-green sea, the gentlest sand and tiny beaches only accessible by boat make this islet true heaven on Earth. All beaches on the island are certified with blue flag, but don’t miss the Alikes beach, one of the best beaches in whole Halkidiki in whose divine waters you can swim and snorkel. 

The main town of Ammouliani is built above the bay and once you climb its steep, narrow pathway to the top, prepare to be stunned by the exceptional views on Athos peninsula. On your way back, sit in one of the many traditional restaurants where you will have a chance to try the freshest fish and seafood you have ever tried! 


On your way back to your country, don’t miss to spend a day in Thessaloniki

3 day Halkidiki itinerary

If you decide to spend one extra day exploring nearby places, we wholeheartedly suggest you to take a ride to Thessaloniki. This marvelous city situated on the sea is a place where history meets modern everyday life and is an absolute must on your Halkidiki bucket list. 

Thessaloniki definitely has it all – vibrant streets with abundance of cafes and restaurants, historical monuments and extensive cultural heritage and one of the prettiest sea promenades that enthralls anyone the moment they see it. Its vivacious city center with the mixture of ancient city diggings and posh, cosmopolitan streets, traditional districts that are a window to Greek way of living and the Old Town that carries a story of various historical epochs that Thessaloniki survived in the past altogether transmit energy that has to be experienced to be understood. 

We have tried to put it in words in our complete Thessaloniki itinerary where you can find everything you need to know about this unique city, but if you want to have all the information at the tip of your finger while you are travelling, simply ping us via email for Grekaddict exclusive Thessaloniki travel guide in PDF version! 


All things come to end… see you next year somewhere in Halkdiki again! 

3 day Halkidiki itinerary
source: @theheelstories

And, there it is, the complete 3 day Halkidiki holidays itinerary that contains everything you need to know before you start exploring this inviting peninsula! 

Ok – be honest, what do you think, are there any other places in Halkidiki that are worth seeing, and we forgot to mention? (we bet there are) Leave your suggestions in the comments below and we promise to include them in our next Halkidiki travel guide edition.  

And of course, in case you may need any additional information about the best things to do and tours in Halkidiki, or you need an insider to help you organize better your trip, just contact us anytime!

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