5 Fall Activities Near Thessaloniki

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5 Fall Activities Near Thessaloniki

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We may be in the last month of autumn, but the weather still shows a spring-like persistence. This has prompted the Grekaddict team to collect 5 fall activities near Thessaloniki, before the nipping winter passes the threshold. From trekking and hiking to private tours, we gathered together 5 fall activities near Thessaloniki for all of you who want to create some of the greatest autumnal memories. Grab your friends and family and lets dive in.

1. Private trekking at Enipeas Canyon

Private trekking at Mt. Olympus by Grekaddict

The autumn scenery and the cooler temperatures make Mount Olympus the center of attraction for many fall activities near Thessaloniki. We already mentioned why November is the best time to visit Mount Olympus, here. This time around, we recommend the Private trekking at Enipeas Canyon tour that will revitalize all your senses. A distance of about 10 km through massive trees, wooden bridges and crystal river pools will cheer you up.


2. Dion and Litochoro Private tour from Thessaloniki

Private tour in Litochoro

While remaining in the area and at the foot of the home of the Olympian Gods, we recommend taking a visit to the archaeological site of Zeus, where the Macedonians constructed their temples to worship their gods. This Dion and Litochoro Private tour from Thessaloniki will end up with the best of prospects since you will taste some of the picturesque village of Litohoro’s finest flavors.


3. Vergina and Pella Private Tour from Thessaloniki

Vergina and Pella Tour from Thessaloniki

Ancient remains at Pella and the Royal Tombs of Vergina are not to be excluded from your bucket list of activities near Thessaloniki during this crispy autumn days. Find out more about the impressive era of Alexander the Great and interesting stories from the everyday life in ancient Macedonian times, by taking a walk down history lane with this Vergina and Pella private tour from Thessaloniki.


4. Private Hiking and Bathing at Loutra Pozar

Private tour of Loutra Pozar

Another activity near Thessaloniki for all those who feel that their day-to-day lives and their obligations pay considerably, is the Private Hiking and Bathing at Loutra Pozar Tour. Lose yourself in one of the untouched landscapes in Greece and then indulge in the healing properties of hot springs for detox and relax.


5. Meteora Day Trip from Thessaloniki by Train

meteora-day-trip-from-thessaloniki-by train

Last but with no means least, is none other than the mystical Meteora Day Trip from Thessaloniki by Train, completing the fall activities near Thessaloniki. The spectacular scenery along the train ride, the imposing rock formations as well as the feeling of divine all around, will carve this day forever in your mind.


Is anyone else excited for fall activities near Thessaloniki or is it just us? Book yourself one of the above activities and make the most of the fall season before winter sets in for good!


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