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5+1 Flavors you Need to Taste in Greece

5+1 Flavors you Need to Taste in Greece

5+1 Flavors you Need to Taste in Greece

5+1 Flavors you Need to Taste in Greece , ,

If you are wondering what Greece has to offer besides incredible destinations and exciting activities, than we have a treat for you! It’s just one word, FOOD! We are sure Greek cuisine is known all around the globe, but there is just something in the flavors that makes Greek food taste so much better in Greece.

This is why GrekAddict team did this hard job, so you don’t have to. We made a list of 5+1 things that you must eat and drink when you are in Thessaloniki. Yes, it was really hard to pick just 6 items when there are endless options. Also we offer you the best way to taste all these flavors, which is by booking one of our Food and Culture tours around downtown Thessaloniki. So let’s start this delicious list.

5+1 Flavors you Need to Taste in Greece

1. Koulouri

Koulouri is a traditional breakfast pastry that has become a symbol of Thessaloniki over the years. It has a recognizable round shape and crispy sesame covered crust that just looks irresistible. Some people say that it has been part of Greek tradition even before Byzantine time! This round sesame bread is definitely a breakfast favorite for the Greeks. It also comes in many flavors; you can choose to have it plain or with cream cheese, merenda, or our personal favorite- nuts and raisins! Pro tip- this delicious bread goes perfectly with your morning frappe!

5+1 Flavors you Need to Taste in Greece

2. Frappe

One thing that you will most definitely see when walking down the streets of Thessaloniki is people slowly drinking their frappe. This is a foam covered iced coffee that Greeks drink during every season! Yes, even during winter – it is simply that delicious! Believe it or not, frappe was discovered in our incredible city – Thessaloniki in 1957! Rumor has it that a Nescafe representative wanted to make a coffee, but he didn’t have any milk, so he mixed cold water and ice cubes with coffee- and voila! Whether this story is true or not, it doesn’t really matter as long as we have a chance to enjoy this delicious beverage!

5+1 Flavors you Need to Taste in Greece

3. Bougatsa

Bougatsa is a leafy pastry filled with cheese, minced meat or vanilla cream. This delicious breakfast pastry is most popular in Thessaloniki, Chalkidhiki and Crete. One interesting fact is that even though Bougatsa is considered a breakfast dish, many young adults in Thessaloniki prefer their Bougatsa after the night out in the town. This is why it is no surprise to see many Bougatsa shops open from late at night till the morning. The peak time for eating bougatsa at night is around 3 o’ clock in the morning after a night out drinking and dancing! Insider’s tip- team GrekAddict has a sweet tooth and we prefer our Bougatsa sweet which is why we always ask to top it with Merenda (Greek version of Nutella), powdered sugar and cinnamon!

5+1 Flavors you Need to Taste in Greece

4. Greek coffee

We are sure almost everyone knows what Greek coffee is, but just in case someone doesn’t know it is a finely ground coffee made in a special way. Interesting fact about this coffee is that it is made in several countries in the Balkan region in the same way but every country calls it their own. Therefore, Serbs call it Serbian, Greeks call it Greek, but in most countries, it is acknowledged as Turkish coffee. Whatever the name, one thing is certain – this beverage is part of history and tradition. For many generations, families would gather around and drink Greek coffee, so it can be said that this beverage gathers people together.

5+1 Flavors you Need to Taste in Greece

5. Gyro

This is another Greek specialty that needs no introduction! This specially grilled meat wrapped in pita bread is known all around the globe as a classic Greek dish! Gyros are not limited to just lamb – almost every gyro spot offers chicken or pork options as well. All you need to do is just add some onion, tzatziki, fries and wrap it all up and there you have it- as simple as it gets!

5+1 Flavors you Need to Taste in Greece

Bonus: Tzatziki

Since we mentioned grilled meat it is impossible to miss the perfect companion for every kind of barbecue meat- Tzatziki! This spread is mostly made of cucumber and yogurt with addition of garlic, dill, vinegar and of course olive oil. It can be used as a perfect addition to gyro, souvlaki and other grilled meat, or you can use it as a dip! Trust us when we say, once you taste it you will start adding it to every single meal!

And there you go, these are the flavors you cannot miss when visiting Greece. We need to add that this list is extremely short as there are so many incredible flavors in Greek cuisine, but these are in our opinion some of the best ones. Now you know what to look for when you are exploring Greece.

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