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5+1 Must-Visit Destinations Near Thessaloniki

5+1 Must-Visit Destinations Near Thessaloniki

5+1 Must-Visit Destinations Near Thessaloniki

5+1 Must-Visit Destinations Near Thessaloniki , ,

We don’t know about you guys, but we are already excited for the weekend! Is it too early? Who cares! If you are too swamped with the work obligations and don’t have time to make plans, we got you! Here are the 5+1 nearby destinations that we are constantly daydreaming about for our perfect getaway!

5+1 Must-Visit Destinations Near Thessaloniki

1. Meteora

If you prefer to spend your free time in calm relaxing environment searching for inner peace – Meteora is the place to go! Beautiful monasteries and holistic environment will give you the peace you are looking for and recharge your batteries. With GrekAddict you can choose how you would like to experience Meteora, by selecting or combining one of our three offered tours. Is it going to be during sunset when the whole area is covered in golden light? Or do you feel more adventurous and want to climb the rocks through unpathed tracks? No matter what you choose we guarantee you a good time!

5+1 Must-Visit Destinations Near Thessaloniki

2. Olympus

Now we know that there are some of you that relax in the free time by doing outdoor activities. That’s why we picked for you mesmerizing Mount Olympus! The beautiful sights of the mountain are the perfect environment for long hiking and bike riding. Also, once you get tired you can relax in downhill spots and enjoy local tales of all the ancient Greek gods that used to live there!

5+1 Must-Visit Destinations Near Thessaloniki

3. Loutra Pozar

Is it only us or do we all think spa days are the best way to relax and spend your free time? We knew it, that is why Loutra Pozar made our list as the must visit destination in nearby. Only 110 km outside of Thessaloniki individual baths, indoor pools, hot water springs, Turkish baths and waterfalls are waiting just for you to enjoy them all. Go now, you deserved it!

5+1 Must-Visit Destinations Near Thessaloniki

4. Lake Kerkini

Another hidden jewel of Greek nature waiting for you to discover it is the Lake Kerkini. This is a perfect opportunity to understand why this lake is named as one of the main wetlands in Europe. The beautiful surrounding landscape make the lake’s shore a perfect spot for picnics and bird watching.

5+1 Must-Visit Destinations Near Thessaloniki

5. Chalkidiki

Naturally, one of the most popular destinations in northern Greece is also our must visit offer. Chalkidiki is the perfect location to take romantic photos, gather friends and enjoy the golden beaches or experience Greek cuisine by hitting local tavernas. Also, make sure to visit Mount Athos as it will definitely leave you speechless.

5+1 Must-Visit Destinations Near Thessaloniki

Bonus: Thessaloniki

We just cannot end this list of suggestions without mentioning Thessaloniki. The reason Thessaloniki made our list is because we are sure you didn’t experienced it to the fullest. So here are some of our personal favourite suggestions. Taste the food and experience the Greek culture, walk down the beautiful romantic streets, go horse riding and learn what it takes to be a true sommelier!

Each of these destinations is unique in its own way, that’s why we cannot tell you which one to choose first. Our suggestion is to go on GrekAddict website and book them, one destination at a time!

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