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5+1 Must-Watch Movies that were Filmed in Greece

5+1 Must-Watch Movies that were Filmed in Greece

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So Valentine’s Day is here, which means restaurants and cinemas are filled with happy couples celebrating their love and enjoying romantic date night. On the other hand, there are few of us that would rather skip the Valentines frenzy and spend the night at home. If you are the rare ones that don’t have plans for 14th of February, don’t worry GrekAddict got you covered! We’re giving you guys a list of movies which were filmed in Greece (hey it has to be a bit romantic) as a perfect solution to gather your crew and spend the night binge-watching them. Pro tip: few buckets of ice cream would go together perfectly.

5+1 Must-Watch Movies that were Filmed in Greece

1. Mamma Mia

It is no surprise our list starts with this classic, Mama Mia is easily placed as one of our absolutely favourite musicals of all time. The fact that is filmed in beautiful Scopelos Island only makes it more amazing. For all the hopeless romantics this musical is a perfect choice to watch on Valentine’s Day, because let’s face it there is nothing more romantic than reuniting with first love. We promise you this movie will put you on the feet and make you sing from the top of your lungs.

5+1 Must-Watch Movies that were Filmed in Greece

2. Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life

In case you want to avoid romantic comedies this Valentine’s and keep the tough girl image, Lara Croft Tomb Raider is what you are looking for. The cradle of Life part was filmed in magnificent Santorini, which gives the movie just the right amount of romance. Beautiful sights of Santorini, exciting adventure and of course Angelina Jolie make this movie a must watch.

5+1 Must-Watch Movies that were Filmed in Greece

3. James Bond: For Your Eyes Only

James bond For Your Eyes Only is proving that Northern Greece is as equally exciting location for filming as any island. This part of the franchise was partially filmed in Meteora which is the reason why we cannot get over of feeling a little bit like a secret agent every time we visit. Because we are sure this movie will inspire you to visit Meteora, GrekAddict team has prepared some amazing tours for you to enjoy. Go check out our website to find your 007 inspired tours.

5+1 Must-Watch Movies that were Filmed in Greece

4. Zorba the Greek

As you probably assumed this list can’t be completed without the most famous movie that features Greece and Greek culture. Along with showing the gorgeous sights of Crete Island this movie will bring the Greek culture closer to you and have you laughing. Warning: the content contains a lot of Sirtaki, that will definitely get you dancing all night long.

5+1 Must-Watch Movies that were Filmed in Greece

5. My Life In Ruins

Let’s be honest what is a Valentine’s Day without a full on romantic lemonade movie? Because we know it is inevitable the My Life in Ruins movie made our list. Throughout the movie you can see the astonishing sights of Athens, have a good laugh and a couple of aaaww moments. If you ask us this is a jackpot for stay in movie night!

5+1 Must-Watch Movies that were Filmed in Greece

Bonus: My Big Fat Greek Wedding!

And honorable mention goes to My Big Fat Greek Wedding (1 and 2)! Yes we know, it is not filmed in Greece, but how can we talk about movies that are connected with Greece without mentioning the ultimate favorite one? With this movie we guarantee you a true rolling on the floor laugh and a great time overall!
So what are you waiting for, call your friends over, grab pop corns and enjoy the night away!

Yvonne Jasinski

I just watched Zorba the Greek, again!, to put myself in the mood for my upcoming trip to Greece. Absolutely loved it. Such a classic! And the music! I can’t wait.

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