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5 Ways to Enjoy a Perfect Sunset in Greece

5 Ways to Enjoy a Perfect Sunset in Greece

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Our favorite time of the day, during summer, is right before the sun sets. The better the view, the brighter the colors and the happier we are. And of course there is no better place like spending the golden hours than in Greece! Sunsets you will witness here are indescribable, unsurpassable and unforgettable. To make your golden hour experience even more memorable we compiled a list of 5 ways to enjoy a perfect sunset in Greece.

1. Meteora Sunsets


Our list of sunsets in Greece will kick off with our ultimate favourite spot to catch sunsets, Meteora! This nature’s wonder and sacred monument will present the most unique scenery to enjoy a sunset. Just imagine sitting on the top of the rock formations and watching the sun slowly setting behind the horizon letting its rays diffract on the columns. Sounds great right?  We highly recommend taking a sunset hiking tour from the bottom of Meteora and climb your way up to witness the breathtaking view from the top of the columns of the sky!

2. Sunset at Agios Pavlos

Sunset at Agios Pavlos

Don’t miss the opportunity to admire the sunset from a unique location such as the mesmerizing pine forests of Halkidiki. The charming Greek village of Agios Pavlos is a great destination to visit for everyone that admires the art of burning skies. Looking for an alternative way to enjoy a sunset? Then take a hiking trip from this dreamy village in Halkidiki all through the gorgeous pine forests roaming in between the tall aromatic trees. Find a spot at the end of the forest from where you will witness the magical scenery of the sun setting masterpiece.

3. Kayaking in the Aegean Sea

Kayaking in the Aegean Sea

There aren’t many things that beat the sunset by the sea. But how about enjoying this Greek sunset while kayaking in the calm waters of the Aegean Sea overlooking the gorgeous landscape of the Halkidiki peninsula? Sign us in! One of the most popular activities to do during the summer is paddling around the sparkling water while watching the sun go down the horizon leaving a bright orange sky behind.

4. Sea Cruise

Sea Cruise

Sunsets in Greece alone are super romantic, blissful and relaxing. However for anyone that is a passionate sunset chaser like us, we recommend finding unique places to go and things to do while enjoying it. That is why we recommend cruising around the Halkidiki Riviera on a catamaran with your loved one by your side. Admire the stunning coastline of Sithonia while enjoying delicious on boat snacks with the wind in your hair. Finally, soak in the sunset with champagne in your hand and magical scenery of red, orange and pink palette of colours changing in front you in this beautiful Halkidiki experience.

5. Santorini


We couldn’t possibly end our list without mentioning the majestic Santorini sunset. Santorini needs no further explanation when it comes to it, which is why this island is named as one of the best places on earth to enjoy a sunset. What we recommend is to take a hiking trip around the caldera in the natural environment of the island. Finish the trip in the stunning Oia village just in time to witness the famous golden hour that will without a doubt leave you breathless.

You know the saying that no two sunsets are ever the same? We truly believe so, especially if you are enjoying sunsets in Greece. So take a look at our list and treat yourself with some memorable and blissful moments!

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