8 + 1 Things To Do in Thessaloniki

9 Things To Do in Thessaloniki

9 Things To Do in Thessaloniki

8 + 1 Things To Do in Thessaloniki , ,

9 Things To Do in Thessaloniki

Imagine yourself wandering around Thessaloniki’s narrow alleys and famous streets, tasting palate pleasing dishes and experiencing unforgettable tours… These are just a few things to do in Thessaloniki, as we’ve gathered  together 9 activities to do in Thessaloniki, the city that never sleeps!

1. Things to do in Thessaloniki:

Start with Thessaloniki Private Walking Tour

Thessaloniki Private Walking Tour

This underrated city of Greece patiently waits for its visitors, ready to provide unforgettable experiences. If you are visiting and looking for things to do, then start off with this Thessaloniki walking tour! Take a walk among the centuries old monuments that stand tall, reminding us of the rich history of this city.

2. Things to do in Thessaloniki:

Strike a pose at Professional Photo Shoot

Thessaloniki Private Walking Tour

Moments frozen in time will always be there to remind us of the most beautiful life experiences. One of the best things to do in Thessaloniki, in order to bring back home these moments is the Professional photo shoot in Thessaloniki. Be a model for a day and showcase your persona in one of the most beautiful places in the world!

3. Things to do in Thessaloniki:

Enrol in Thessaloniki Food and Culture Morning Tour

Thessaloniki Food and Culture Morning Tour

How else can you learn about local life, if not through its food? Grab your foodie friends and and celebrate the awesomeness of Thessaloniki’s cuisine through the Thessaloniki food and culture morning tour.

4. Things to do in Thessaloniki:

Join The Missing Treasure Hunt

The Missing Treasure Hunt

You will never run out of things to do in Thessaloniki! Even for mystery lovers, Grekaddict has brought to the table one of its most challenging activities ever! The missing treasure hunt in Thessaloniki will bring to surface aspects of your own self that you did not know that existed.

5. Things to do in Thessaloniki:

Have fun with Thessaloniki Evening Tour

Thessaloniki Evening Tour

Night owls could’t be excluded from this list of things to do in Thessaloniki! Get ready to dive into the most fascinating night life of this city and find out what makes a night walk forever memorable on this Thessaloniki evening tour.

6. Things to do in Thessaloniki:

Escape the city with Olympus Biking Day Tour

Olympus Biking Day Tour

The tranquility of the landscape, the refreshing dew and the impressive volume of the mountains will give you a good break out of the city though. The love of untouched pristine nature will be the driving force on this biking day tour from Thessaloniki.

7. Things to do in Thessaloniki:

Discover Nearby areas on Horse Riding 

Horse Riding for Families

The moments shared with family are definitely ones to be cherished. Strengthen these bonds and spend valuable moments of joy with your loved ones while horse riding! Feel the freedom riding on the tree-lined hills and travel for a while to the Wild West, escaping from the lively city trails.

8. Things to do in Thessaloniki:

Try Wine Tasting of Greek Varietals

Wine Tasting of Greek Varietals

Wine brings people together by joining them in a sweet daze! Delightful aromas and gourmet flavors that sprinkle on every sip, have been carefully chosen by the wine expert to compose a unique life experience.

Bonus: Hammam Spa Treatment

Hammam Spa Treatment

Last but with no means least in our list with the things to do in Thessaloniki, is the Hammam Spa treatment! Empty your mind from thoughts and experience an authentic rejuvenation ritual with your life partner or friend.

This was just a glimpse of the things to do in Thessaloniki. Even if nothing from above sounds good to your ears, halara, take it easy, as the Greek saying goes like this – there are many more things to do in Thessaloniki waiting for you to explore, until something clicks.

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