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Explore Santorini

The reason why Santorini is one of the most popular destinations in the world is because it has something to offer for everyone’s needs and preferences.

€90 Santorini Wine Tour

Santorini Wine Tour

Experience this famous island by tasting awarded local wine varieties and by learning more about its history by booking this Santorini Wine Tour. Make... Food & Wine Tours - 4 hours
€70 Santorini Caldera Hiking Tour

Santorini Caldera Hiking Tour

Experience the Santorini Caldera vibe in a completely unique way with a Santorini Caldera Hiking Tour. Spend your vacation taking part in exciting act... Outdoor Activities - 5 hours
€240 Jet Ski Safari at Santorini

Jet Ski Safari at Santorini

Visit all the famous sites of Santorini by sea on this Jet Ski Safari! If you’re an adrenaline junkie, love adventure, water sports and looking for ... Cruises - 2 to 4 hours
€155 Sightseeing and Cooking Class in Santorini

Sightseeing and Cooking Class in Santorini

Summer is all about meeting, tasting, creating and feeling, and this Sightseeing and Cooking Class in Santorini knows well how to blend all the above ... Food & Wine Tours - 6 hours

Explore Athens

Witness the immortal beauty of the ancient city and culture through preserved legacy of many archaeological wonders.

€59 Athens by Night Tour

Athens by Night Tour

Experience the illuminated monuments and exquisite landmarks on the majestic Athens by Night Tour. To make this tour authentically Greek, we’ll be e... Food & Wine Tours - 3 hours
€69 The Zorba Inside Me Tour in Athens

The Zorba Inside Me Tour in Athens

There is no party like a Greek party! Get a chance to learn traditional Greek dances and enjoy your night of dance, food, drinks, and laughter! Welcom... Food & Wine Tours - 5 hours
€79 Mythology Tour of Acropolis, the Acropolis Museum and the Temple of Zeus

Mythology Tour of Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum

Explore the depths of wondrous ancient Greek mythological figments. Experience tales of pathos and ethos come to life right before your eyes in this m... Cultural Tours - 4 hours
€65 Athens Food Tour

Athens Food Tour

Indulge in mouth-watering Greek specialties while roaming around the stunning streets of Athens. Experience the authentic Greek culture through your s... Food & Wine Tours - 4 hours

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Explore Crete

Glimpse the rich history and enjoy the island’s treasures while visiting incredible local wineries and tasting traditional Cretan dishes.

€75 Cooking Class in Rethymno

Cooking Class in Rethymno

Roll up your sleeves to learn how to cook – Cretan style! Learn all the tips and tricks to cooking like a local in this Cooking class in Rethymno!... Classes & Workshops - 4 hours
€80 White Mountains of Crete Jeep Tour from Chania

White Mountains of Crete Jeep Tour from Chania

Are you a genuine nature lover? Explore the White Mountains of Crete with this Jeep Tour and experience the unparalleled wild beauty!... Day Trips - 8 hours
€77 Street Stories of Chania

Street Stories of Chania

Every street has a story! Imagine though, the fascinating alleys of a city which have been a crossroad between two distinct worlds: the East and the W... Cultural Tours - 4 hours
€80 Wine and Olive Oil Tour in Crete

Wine and Olive Oil Tour in Crete

Get acquainted with Crete’s most prominent products - wine and olive oil - with this Wine and Olive Oil Tour! Sample and learn about local wine vari... Food & Wine Tours - 6 hours

The Hidden Gems



32 Tours

Thessaloniki is the second-largest city in Greece and the capital of the region of Central Macedonia. Discover it throught the eyes of the locals!



16 Tours

The island of Mykonos is found in the Cyclades, a cluster of Greek islands that form a circular shape around the once lively island of Delos.



7 Tours

Meteora is a geological wonder of immense rocks that were created and shaped by different natural forces. Visit Meteora and reach the sky!



19 Tours

Numerous coves, unique architectural sites, and a host of unexplored treasures all add their own touch to the unique canvas that is Chalkidiki.

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