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As a unique travel activities platform we aim to give our users the easiest way to find their desired tours and activities and to book them seamlessly on the spot. Our mission is to show you all the wonderful destinations Greece has to offer through authentic travel experiences.

For many years we have been facing questions such as: “What can I do in Thessaloniki?” or “What else is there to see in this area?” The lack of information on destinations and activities available to tourists surprised us to say the least. That is how the idea of Grekaddict was born! We wanted to give people visiting Greece all the information, ideas and offers in one place. This way they will be able to explore and learn about these destinations and activities and book them on the spot.

Litochoro and Enipeas Gorge

Our team is committed to finding high quality activities that you would enjoy with your friends and family. All of our activities are handpicked and quality checked prior to being offered to you. Greek culture is deeply embedded in our value that is why we aim to enhance the hospitality in every activity we offer. We are completely addicted and in love with Greece and our goal is to have you feel the same. We want as many people to witness the hidden gems of Greece and experience them in a unique way.

Grekaddict’s goal is to continue growing and extending its offers to the rest of Greece. There is so much of this country, culture and history that is not explored enough and definitely deserves to be. That is where we want to step in and introduce you to the customs, traditions, spirit of Greek people. Our vision is to show you all the exciting destinations of Greece and allow you to truly experience them authentically.

What drives Grekaddict is our ever increasing love for Greece and everything that comes with it! We are hoping our enthusiasm spreads to you and gets you addicted to this incredible country as well!

Range of Options

Whether you are an adventure buff, nature lover or urban freak, we have the perfect activity for you!

Tailor-made Sevices

We are here to fulfill all your travel needs! Let us design for you a bespoke itinerary in Greece!

Hand-picked activities

All activities have been tested and approved by our team. We guarantee a genuine local experience!

Online Booking

We know how important your time is, so visit our quick and easy online booking system!

Happy traveler reviews
what are they saying about us?
A month is gone since we are back from our first Greek vacation. We had really great time and enjoyed the sea, a mountain view and Pefkohori generally. I just wanted to thank you for helping me to find an apartment and being so supportive. Greece has so many interesting and beautiful places, that I think we will visit your country again.
Kateryna Zarko

Классный отдых!!!)) В 2017 были в отпуске на Халкидиках…Огромная благодарность Сюзанне за проведенный экскурс по городу Салоники. Исторические места и занимательные рассказы,
вкусные рестораны с живой музыкой, пешие маршруты – все это мы узнали благодаря ей за 1 день!!!! Нереально довольны)))
Спасиииибоооо из Москвы))))

Dmitriy Levkovich

Meet Our team

We are a team of travel professionals and local destination experts whose main focus is to meet the range of needs of our visitors by providing extraordinary and enriching experiences.

Souzana Theodoridou

General Manager

Kostas Chasiotis

Web Developer