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Tours and Activities in Athens

Athens Wooden Bike Tour


About Athens

Athens is the capital of Greece as well as its largest city. It is one of the oldest cities in Europe thus it represents the historical capital and cradle of modern civilization. Here, you will witness the immortal beauty of ancient city and culture through preserved legacy of many archaeological wonders. What makes this city immortal over time is the young spirit of its people that keep it lively and vibrant. Bright sunny days, deep blue Aegean sea, fascinating ancient history and exciting daily life make this city a must visit destination in Greece.

Things to do in Athens

One of many secrets the city holds is how it manages to be both an ancient historic city and a modern megalopolis at the same time. You can go back in time centuries ago and witness the sites where democracy was born and minutes later, be sipping a cold drink in a hip and lively neighborhood. We recommend visiting one of the many rooftop bars in the city center and soak in the view of the glowing Acropolis above the city skyline.

Wander around the narrow streets of “old” city and enjoy the colourful corners of Monastiraki area. While you are here, visit the traditional bazaar where the smell of different traditional spices will intoxicate your senses. Experience the city vibe while roaming around Ermou street – the city’s most commercial street filled with shops that suit everyone’s taste. For a more contemporary side, take a stroll around the Kolonaki neighbourhood and shop your way through several high end boutiques. Take a rest from all the exploring in one of the many local taverns and enjoy a refreshing glass of ouzo accompanied with traditional Greek delicacies.



Surely one of the most famous architecture treasures in the world and a true landmark of Athens is the Acropolis. This mesmerizing landmark is located on the top of the hill overlooking the whole city. Witness the endless beauty of the Parthenon, an archaeological wonder dating back to the 5th century B.C. Walk around this sacred site and explore the impressive temples such as Propylaea, Erechteion and the temple of Athene Nike. Learn everything about the legend of how this city got its name while admiring the view of its skyline. We recommend visiting The Acropolis Museum which holds around 4,000 ancient artifacts and is considered to be the city’s most important modern architecture building.


Plaka neighbourhood represents one of the historic centres of Athens. Unlike other neighborhoods, Plaka was highly influenced by the Ottoman period which is reflected by its narrow cobbled stone streets and small mansions. This area provides historic monuments from both Byzantine and Ottoman era such as Hadrian’s library on one side and the Turkish baths on the other. This area is filled with various museums and art galleries that will definitely keep your attention for hours. Finish your educational tour around this historic area in one of the local taverns indulging in traditional Greek dishes.

Ancient Athens

As the cradle of philosophy, sciences, democracy and theatre, each historic monument has a different story to tell each more interesting and important than the other. Luckily for us they are very well preserved and are displaying the pride Greeks take in their history. That is why the very entrance of the city is characterized by its symbolic Hadrian’s Arch. Very close to the entrance is the temple of Olympian Zeus dating back to the 6th century B.C. Don’t miss the chance to explore the theatre of Dionysos where all the greatest ancient playwrights performed their masterpieces.



One thing that is certain when it comes to Greek destinations and cities is that the food never disappoints. Greek food differs from area to area and each one has its own specialties. Same goes for Athens this culinary capital of Greece that offers a plethora of Greek dishes such as mousaka, pastitsio, gemista, and of course fish soup made from local catch of the day. You can find all these dishes and more at about any tavern. To make your visit even better, pair this amazing food with some of the local house wines or ouzo.


Insider’s tips

If you feel tired of the city rush and wish to avoid all the hustle and bustle, our advice is to hit the beach. Athens has to offer some amazing beaches right outside of the city where you can relax and recharge you batteries for more exploring time. Warm Greek sun and blue Aegean Sea will make your stay even more memorable.