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Best Team Building Activities to do in Thessaloniki

Best Team Building Activities to do in Thessaloniki

Best Team Building Activities to do in Thessaloniki

Best Team Building Activities to do in Thessaloniki ,

Looking for the best team building activities in Thessaloniki for your company outing? Whether you are looking for corporate incentive trips or engaging team building activities in Greece, Thessaloniki is the city that has it all!

Why is Thessaloniki the ideal destination for a corporate trip?

This small, but yet charming city offers the finest combination of quality facilities, vivid nightlife as well as a unique blend of culinary dishes depicting the city’s rich multicultural history. And best of all, it is all set in a relaxed atmosphere accompanied by the breathtaking waterfront view of the Aegean sea, which is an ideal spot for your team to chill down, bond, have some fun and detox themselves from the hectic work life which can sometimes be overwhelming.

As one of the most vivid cities in Greece, the number one advantage it offers is its easy accessibility. Conveniently connected with the most European capitals and cities, offering a wide range of air transportation, the newly renovated airport is just around 30 minutes ride away from the city center.

If you still don’t have your heart set on Thessaloniki as one of your top destinations for the next corporate incentive trip in Greece, let us reassure you once more with these handpicked tailored team building activities.


1. Food Treasure hunt in Thessaloniki

Best Team Building Activities to do in Thessaloniki

In a nutshell:

Food is the way to many peoples’ hearts and we suspect your coworkers are no different. Brace your team for the most flavorsome food tour treasure hunt in Thessaloniki’s gastronomic map. Uncover the delicious street food and drinks Greece has to offer and have loads of fun with your team buddies! Investigate 7 riddles together, in a quiz based tour while your guide coaches your team all the way, providing thorough food culture info. Brainstorm with the help of your group and your team’s guide to solve a mystery revealing your next food-related spot.
Everyone is applauded for their participation but one team is the winner! Your employees will go back to their city with a good dose of food from Thessaloniki and a small complimentary gift from the tour!

What makes it perfect?

This competition-based session keeps employees motivated to work better as a team and stirs up the winning spirit. Healthy competition is always good as it pushes the participants to bring out their very best to complete the task at hand. It shakes them off their complacency and makes them alert.

What makes this food treasure hunt in Thessaloniki a perfect team building activity is that it enhances the importance of leadership. In order to effectively communicate the intangible steps and help teammates better understand it and commit to a goal, a leader will have to take responsibility and steer the entire project from the start to the end.

As the pressure of executing the task increases, the members automatically forget about their individual differences and grudges and work together as a team to achieve a common goal. This understanding translates into the office scenario as well, making it one of the best team building activities in Thessaloniki.

Besides strengthening the bond of the team, by the end of this activity, your employees will appreciate each other more as colleagues as well as friends. These are all characteristics of a good functioning team!


2. Natural Soap Making in Thessaloniki

Best Team Building Activities to do in Thessaloniki

In a nutshell:

Is your team lacking creativity, or do they simply need to take a break from the office life, overwhelmed by computers and numbers which are giving them a headache? If the answer is yes, then we’ve got the perfect team building activity to do in Thessaloniki for you!

This Natural Soap Making seminar in Thessaloniki provides participants with a unique all sensory experience that will engage all of their senses, as well as feed their brains. Your teammates will get in touch with beautiful organic dried herbs, rich and moisturizing base oils and gorgeous aromatic essential oils; these are only a handful of the products they will touch, smell and feel.

During this fun and exciting seminar, participants will be collaborating in order to make their own olive oil soap! Your team will take back home their handmade souvenir along with the knowledge of making it anytime anywhere!

What makes it perfect?

How to make your employees more satisfied with the work they’re doing? Well, one of the ways is to form a team environment where creativity is given a priority. This is exactly what this Natural Soap Making seminar in Thessaloniki does for your team environment!

Attention to detail is one of a must-have characteristic of any employee in today’s labor market. Whether you are in the construction or hospitality industry, for example, attention to detail is one of the key traits, on which everyone should constantly work on!

This Natural Soap Making seminar in Thessaloniki enhances the importance of paying attention to details, nevertheless, it is set in a more relaxed and fun-oriented atmosphere, which allows your teammates to bond and learn new traits in a more friendly and memorable manner! After this unforgettable experience who wouldn’t feel energized, and completely relaxed and ready to tackle new business challenges?

Best team building activities to do in Thessaloniki


3. Missing Treasure Hunt in Thessaloniki

Best Team Building Activities to do in Thessaloniki

In a nutshell:

If your team is feeling adventurous, is keen on mystery and thinks of themselves as vigilant Sherlock Holmes, then this is the must activity to do! The Missing Treasure Hunt in Thessaloniki is unlike any escape room or mystery party you’ve ever attended.

It takes place on the streets of Thessaloniki where your team will be set with necessary briefing and equipment, which will help them find clues and eventually solve the mystery. They will have more than an hour and a half to test their team cohesion, and successfully complete their task!

Missing Treasure Hunt in Thessaloniki offers a unique experience through which participants will be able to explore the city, have fun and make unforgettable memories. Do you think your team is up for the challenge? If the answer is yes, continue reading to find out what makes it ideal for your next incentive trip in Greece.

What makes it perfect?

Missing Treasure Hunt in Thessaloniki is a very competitive activity which makes it easy to observe conflicts. When this occurs, these conflict management examples will become valuable debrief points on conflict resolution, empathy, and tips on giving constructive feedback.

As one of the most interesting things to do in Thessaloniki, this activity will make your employees brainstorm together, in a manner they never did before. By doing so, they will enhance their collaboration and communication, while at the same time tackling important issues such as thinking outside of the box.

Thinking outside the box and questioning the status quo, your team will constantly be considering how they could improve an experience, product or service. This allows your business to keep growing and can lead to intelligent and forward-thinking decisions.

Another great feature of this activity is that it teaches the team to adjust their immediate tasks with an eye on the end goal. The importance of foresight and planning for the long term win becomes apparent as they complete the activity together. Having all of this in mind, the question that remains is- Who is ready to play detectives?

Best team building activities to do in Thessaloniki



4. Evening Tour in Thessaloniki

Best Team Building Activities to do in Thessaloniki

In a nutshell:

If your team is in desperate need of one fun, easy-going, stress relief incentive trip, then this Thessaloniki Walking Evening Tour is the perfect choice for you! By engaging with the locals, accompanied by delicious traditional drinks and dishes, your team will be able to practice their networking skills in one of the most vibrant cities that Greece has to offer!

Set in the beautiful night scenery of Thessaloniki, your team will be mesmerized by the city’s relaxing atmosphere, while awaking the creative spirit, by learning how to mix their own specialty drink!

By starting off the evening properly with a glass of wine and some conversation about the city and its people, your team will slowly start to relax and forget about all the work-related issues. We will provide you with the top quality food and drinks, but it is on your team to mingle around and meet new people which will create an even better experience.

What makes it perfect?

One of the best team building activities in Thessaloniki is without any doubt this sensational Walking Evening tour! What makes is stand out, is simply the fact that the nature of this activity instantly makes your employees perceive it as a reward for their performance. Rewarding and recognizing employees creates stronger relationships, which in turn spurs motivation.

Thessaloniki Walking Evening Tour puts an accent on bonding and developing well-built relationships amongst your team members. In addition, by taking them on a night out, and showing them a good time, your teammates will feel appreciated. When employees and their work are valued, their satisfaction and productivity rises, and they are motivated to maintain or improve their good work.

This activity is highly effective for team cohesion, the thoroughly enjoyable yet insightful nature of this incentive trip helps members of a team get to know each other better in a more relaxed and fun-oriented atmosphere, than which they are used to. Stress naturally occurs in the workplace, when left unchecked it can wreak havoc on employee health and productivity.

In order to successfully manage stress, unwind and bond with your teammates it is crucial to let your guard down and join the party! We guarantee that this Evening Tour is the best party your team will ever experience in Thessaloniki! So, who is ready to party?

Best team building activities to do in Thessaloniki


5. Sailing Day in Thessaloniki

Best Team Building Activities to do in Thessaloniki

In a nutshell:

If your team has worked really hard throughout the whole year, and they are in great need of one fully relaxing, reenergizing and peaceful trip, then this is our suggestion for you!

Sailing Cruise in Thessaloniki represents one of our finest incentive trips in Greece, offering its participants one of a kind viewpoint of the city and its monuments. This private sailing cruise will take your team on an unforgettable journey through the waters of the Thermaic Gulf, on a luxurious Hunter 460 Blue Foam boat.

This truly one of a kind experience, will be perfected with rich flavors of local mezes (appetizers) and a glass of wine or tsipouro. To ensure your maximum comfort, our experienced captain and crew will take care of your every need, providing you with the usage of comfortable cabins as well.

What makes it perfect?

This activity is highly effective for handling stress caused by work overload. It is known that water has a calming effect, in fact, it has been proven by scientists that being by the sea has a positive impact on mental health. Minerals in sea reduce stress, negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain, which improves alertness and mental energy.

Not only will your team feel energized after this incentive trip, but they will also feel valued and recognized as an important resource in your company! Studies who that team incentives, such as this incentive trip, can increase employee performance by as much as 44 percent.

Just imagine you and your co-workers embarking on a sailing journey in Thessaloniki, switching off your brains from busy mode to relaxed mode. Enjoying all the mesmerizing scenery this astonishing experience has to offer.

When your brain finally shifts to the relaxed mode, it will be more open to inspired and creative thoughts. In essence, your teammates and you will be switching your brains off or giving it a rest from the norm causing a better mental environment for insight and introspection. Don’t we all need this?

Best team building activities to do in Thessaloniki


Team building activities in Greece

With so many amazing team building activities and corporate incentive trips in Thessaloniki, we have picked out the most interesting and productive ones!

As the second-largest city in Greece and the most important center of the area, it is fully equipped with all the necessary facilities, tools and menaces one might need when planning and executing a corporate incentive event. Whether you prefer simple team building activities such as Evening Tour or you are more curious and interested in solving mysteries, there is not a wrong or bad choice, only a good one, to be specific, a perfect one!

Remember, team building, when done right, will result in stronger teams, improved communication, and collaboration skills, and an overall increase in employee satisfaction and retention. All of our activities are specially handpicked and designed in order to provide these specific results!

In case you still don’t have your heart set on Thessaloniki, as your next destination for a corporate incentive trip, take a look at our wide range of team building activities we offer throughout whole Greece. With more than 200 activities, located from Athens to Mykonos, we promise you the best experience, specially tailored for your team’s needs. Send us an inquiry, and we will make sure not just to fulfill your expectations but to exceed them!

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