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Best Tours in Athens

Join the best Tours in Athens and uncover all the hidden spots with your loved ones. Admire the glorious views of the Parthenon, explore Plaka and experience the ultimate summer holidays in one of the most renowned European capitals.

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€55 Vegan Food Tour in Athens

Vegan Food Tour in Athens

Indulge in the most delightful vegan food tour in Athens. Savor the tempting Greek meals while admiring the Acropolis and nourish your body and soul w... Food & Wine Tours - 1h 15m
€350 Stage Rally Race Tour in Athens

Stage Rally Race Tour in Athens

Enjoy a real life adrenaline packed rally and experience race driving like a pro. Dig into the Stage Rally Race Tour in Athens and go home feeling lik... Outdoor Activities - 6 hours
€60 Sightseeing Tour of Historical Athens on Tuk Tuk

Sightseeing of Historical Athens on Tuk Tuk Tour

Hop on the sightseeing tour of historical Athens on a tuk tuk and cruise through the most important parts of Greece’s capital city in the most enter... Cultural Tours - 1h 30min
€80 Mythology Tour of Acropolis, the Acropolis Museum and the Temple of Zeus

Private Mythology Tour of Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum

Explore the depths of wondrous ancient Greek mythological figments. Experience tales of pathos and ethos come to life right before your eyes in this m... Cultural Tours - 4 hours
€80 The Zorba Inside Me Tour in Athens

Private – The Zorba Inside Me Tour in Athens

There is no party like a Greek party! Get a chance to learn traditional Greek dances and enjoy your night of dance, food, drinks, and laughter! Welcom... Food & Wine Tours - 4,5 hours
€160 Political Tour of Athens

Political Tour of Athens

Forget everything you’ve heard on the news about the Greek economic crisis and discover first-hand the implications of austerity measures on Greek l... Cultural Tours - 4 hours
€30 LGBTQ friendly tour in Athens

LGBTQ friendly tour in Athens

Dare to dream of a carefree world by joining in the LGBTQ friendly tour in Athens where homosexuality in antiquity was the habit of the day. ... Tours and Sightseeing - 1 hour
€75 Tour list image

Cape Sounio Private Tour from Athens

Get away from the frenzy of Athens and take off to the stunning Cape Sounio to explore the divine historic monuments of ancient Greece with the Cape S... Private Tours - 5 hours
€45 Street Art Private Tour in Athens

Athens Street Art Walking Tour

Hold your breath for the Athens street art tour, a journey among contemporary artists, dense graffiti colours over grey walls, and the Vox popular in ... Walking and Biking Tours - 3 hours
€150 Athens 4x4 Jeep Mountain Tour

Athens 4×4 Jeep Mountain Tour

Board the Athens Jeep mountain tour and explore the wild yet picturesque Greek countryside with a 4x4 Jeep Wrangler safari! Witness the invigorating j... Outdoor Activities - 6 hours

Join the best tours in Athens

Best things to do in Athens best tours and activities

Athens is a lively city with many things to see and do. Do you love greek mythology? Are you a foodie? Are you a motorhead? From tasty food to Acropolis tours, find the best tours in Athens and create beautiful memories in one of the most vibrant cities in Europe.

What are the best tours in Athens?

#1. Sunset Acropolis and Parthenon Tour


Join a marvelous sunset Acropolis tour and witness one of the most renowned historical sites in the world while admiring the orange hues of the sky. Perceive the beauty of all the monuments on the ‘sacred rock’ and capture gorgeous photos with the astounding backdrop of sundown. Book skip-the-line tickets to the museum and save time, and follow your licensed guide who will share all the details about Greek history on one of the best tours in Athens.

Sunset Acropolis Tour

#2. Sightseeing historical Athens Tour on a tuk-tuk

Want to see the most important parts of Athens in the most unique way? Book a historical Athens tuk-tuk tour and sightsee the greatest spots of Athens with the help of a licensed guide. Witness from the comfort of your seat amazing buildings and monuments of great historical value. Catch a glimpse of Monastiraki, Plaka and other central places of Athens and have the time of your life with your family and friends.


#3. Stage Rally race tour in Athens

Boost your adrenaline levels with a Stage rally race tour in Athens and drive professional racing cars, an experience you won’t find anywhere else. Pay attention to the experts there and learn everything you need to feel the adrenaline behind the wheel while creating amazing memories with your friends. Even if you‘re not a motorhead, a rallying experience is what you need to push yourself to the limits.

#4. 4×4 jeep mountain tour in Athens

Want to have the time of your life with one of the best tours in Athens? Unleash your inner adventurer on an incomparable 4×4 Jeep mountain tour in Athens. Immerse yourself in the gorgeous landscape of the region of Attica in a 4×4 jeep. Explore the rocky side of the city and embark on a journey to the highest points of Athens where you can perceive the beauty of nature.

#5. Vegan food tour in Athens

Embark on a gustatory trip and enjoy the best vegan options, Athens has to offer. Explore the hidden alleys of Athens and discover the best restaurants that offer flavorsome vegan delicacies. Try traditional Greek dishes with a vegan twist and transport yourself into a world of aromas and flavors that will satisfy all of your senses. A Vegan food tour is one of the best tours in Athens, ideal for all the foodies that want to experience the local lifestyle along with the best vegan food choices that will surprise even the most jaded ones.

#6. LGBTQ tour in Athens

Roam around Athens and engage in a LGBTQ-friendly tour in Athens and dig into the historical facts of homosexuality in ancient Greece. Join one of the best tours in Athens and learn more about different sexual practices like masturbation, the life of the ancient Greek prostitutes and the island where men would walk around in skirts. If you want to enrich your knowledge about ancient Greece and especially the love life of the ancients, an LGBTQ-friendly tour in Athens is all you need.

LGBTQ friendly tour in Athens

#7. Mythology Tour in Athens

Best things to do in Athens Acropolis Parthenon tour

Do you love Greek mythology? Do you want to transport in another dimension with a 3D presentation of ancient Greece? Then a Mythology tour of the Acropolis & Acropolis museum will definitely excite you. Book a four-hour walking tour and explore the Acropolis, Acropolis museum and the temple of Zeus and grasp the knowledge of fables of the past that will surprise everyone and especially your little kids. Follow a licensed tour guide on one of the best tours in Athens and behold the majesty of ancient Greece on the Acropolis and the Acropolis museum. 

#8. ‘Make your own souvenir’ workshop in Athens

Join the Make your own souvenir workshop to witness one of the most famous ancient art forms of Greece. Want to live an authentic experience and create a souvenir to remember your beautiful time in Athens? Then a pottery workshop in Athens will help you with that. Follow your tutors’ instructions, who know many tips that will help you make your own art piece, and enhance your knowledge of ancient Greek ceramics art.

#9. Athens by night tour

One of the best tours in Athens is an Athens by night tour which will help you get a closer look at the vibrant spots of the city. Have your camera ready to capture jaw-dropping night shots and especially the Parthenon when it’s lit up at night. With the assistance of a local guide, perceive the nightlife of Athens and find the best food spots, hidden from plain sight. Indulge in delicious appetizers paired with traditional Greek wine and create memories that will remain in your heart and your mind.

Athens by night tour


What are the best tours in Athens?
  • Sunset Acropolis and Parthenon Tour
  • Sightseeing historical Athens Tour on a tuk-tuk
  • Stage Rally Race tour
  • 4x4 Jeep Mountain Tour
  • Vegan Food Tour
  • LGBTQ Tour
  • Mythology Tour
  • ‘Make your own souvenir’ Workshop
  • Athens By Night Tour
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