About Lake Kerkini

For those of you who are under impression that the only must-visit places in Greece are Athens and the islands- you are about to change your mind.

Lake Kerkini is one of the natural hidden beauties of Greece located in far north part of the country. It represents 75 square kilometres of crystal clear, deep-blue water surrounded by endless fields of wildflowers and mountain slopes.

Besides its beautiful and peaceful landscape, Lake Kerkini offers the exciting activity of bird watching. The lake is considered to be one of the most important wetlands across Europe and a top destination for bird watching and ecotourism. It is estimated that around 300 various species were spotted out here among which are some pretty rear ones like Dalmatian pelicans, herons, The Great Spotted Eagle, Peregrine Falcon and many more.

We recommend going in spring or autumn when the migration seasons start and the place is filled with different rare species that are easy to see. Another of lake’s many attractions and a rare thing to see is the water buffalo; it used to be an endangered species however the preserved ecosystem of the lake helped them grow. During your visit you should try local specialties made with buffalo milk such as sweet kazan dipi, buffalo milk and yoghurt.

Lake Kerkini

There are many fun activities that you can do during your visit such as canoeing, horseback riding round the lake and hiking or biking in the surrounding mountain paths. For the romantic types we suggest taking a sunset ride on traditional boats, plaves, and observe the beauty of the lake through different lights.

As a perfect place for taking a break many visitors choose spreading the blanket and enjoying picnic along the shores. In case you are not so outdoorsy type the local tavernas offer traditional domestic cuisine with tasty fish dishes made with fresh fish caught from the lake.

Lake Kerkini

There is a high chance you will instantly fall in love with the lake and decide to prolong your stay; luckily local village provides a wide range of accommodation for you to choose from.

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