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About Mykonos

Fun facts about Mykonos:

  • The official mascot of Mykonos is Petros, the Pelican.
  • Mykonos is one of the sunniest destinations in Greece with over 300 days of sunny weather per year.
  • The most photographed place in Mykonos, Little Venice was once a favorite hangout spot for pirates.
  • The only colors allowed for doors and windows are blue, green and red. This dates back to the old days when sailors painted doors according to what the building represented.
  • There are only 15,000 permanent residents on the island, but over 250,000 people visit Mykonos each year.

Getting to know Mykonos

The island of Mykonos is found in the Cyclades, a cluster of Greek islands that form a circular shape around the once lively island of Delos. Along with Mykonos, some of the other noteworthy and popular islands of the Cyclades include Santorini, Naxos and Paros. Although this Greek island has a reputation as being a party island, it is an excellent holiday destination for all ages and preferences. From its gorgeous beaches, to historic churches and museums, to thriving clubs and parties, Mykonos truly has it all.

What to see in Mykonos

Mykonos itinerary

Windmills of Mykonos

The Windmills of Mykonos are a must-see during your trip in this lovely island. These iconic windmills were first built by the Venetians during the 16th century.

Little Venice Mykonos

Mykonos Little Venice

Just a short walk from the famous windmills is the Little Venice of Mykonos. Just like the famous Italian city, it consists of homes built in the 18th century that have their foundations in the sea.


Mykonos Town

Mykonos Town is the most liveliest part of the island. Full of shops, restaurants, bakeries, and endless narrow alleyw to stroll through.

Paraportiani Orthodox Church

Paraportiani Orthodox Church

Perhaps the most photographed church in Mykonos, Paraportiani Orthodox Church is a complex made up of 5 joined churches.

Delos island, Cyclades, Greece.


Delos is an island off the coast of Mykonos as well as an archaeological site. The mythological birthplace of Apollo, it was a major religious center and port during the 1st millennium B.C.


Beaches of Mykonos

Like many beaches of Greece, the ones found in Mykonos do not disappoint. The light blue and turquoise waters here are some of the top beaches in Greece.

Getting Around in Mykonos

If you love walking around picturesque streets surrounded by blue and white-washed houses, Mykonos Chora is the ideal place for you! Mykonos is a large enough island to see and do plenty of things, yet still small enough to get around by foot, bike, or quad. Parking in Mykonos Town is very limited, so the safest bet is to rent a bike or quad. To find out more on how to get around Mykonos click below.

How to get to Mykonos

Getting to Mykonos by Ferry

Getting to Mykonos by Ferry

Before catching the ferry to Mykonos you should get to Piraeus port. According to your location, there are several ways to reach it.

3 day Mykonos itinerary

Getting to Mykonos by Plane

The island is well connected with Athens all year around but in the summertime, there are even more frequent flights.

Food in Mykonos

Like every destination in Greece, Mykonos has its own dishes that can only be found on the island. Some of these delicacies include kopanisti, a cheese rich in spicies, ksinotira, a local meze (appetizer), and louza, thin slices of spiced and cooked pork. Some of the islands famous desserts are Melopita, Lazarakia and Amygdalota. Due to Mykonos’ Mediterranean climate, the wine found on the island is suburb. Mykonos is also famous for their non-alcoholic drink, soumada which consists of almond and rosewater. 


Mykonos is a Greek island, part of the Cyclades, lying between Tinos, Syros, Paros and Naxos. The island spans an area of 85.5 square kilometres (33.0 sq mi) and rises to an elevation of 341 metres (1,119 feet) at its highest point.

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