Foodie Guide to Thessaloniki

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Foodie Guide to Thessaloniki

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Have you ever heard of the old saying, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?” Living in the 21st century, we think it’s time to alter the expression slightly – “the way to everyone’s hearts is through their stomachs.” Now that seems a bit more like it! According to numerous studies, researchers have found that food is considered to be a source of ultimate happiness – we don’t exactly find that surprising! We’re all guilty of possessing some kind of “pre-pig out” ritual, or a food dance right before the food has just gotten to the table, or even better yet – the moment we take a bite! Only the true foodies will know just exactly what we’re talking about! Being true foodies ourselves, we put together a foodie guide to Thessaloniki, a city so rich in different flavors and specialties. This is for all those food lovers out there who are looking for where to eat and what foods to try in Thessaloniki!

Greece is home to some of the most delectable cuisine known to man, this can be attributed to the different cultures through history found in this country as well as to the adoration adopted by the Greeks to cook for their families and to experiment with new flavors. Greek cuisine falls under the Mediterranean cuisine category, the Greeks make wide use of a variety of goods including vegetables of all sorts, olive oil, grains, fish, wine, olives, cheese, lemon juice, herbs, bread and yoghurt, just to mention a few! As previously mentioned, Greek food has been influenced by traditions from both the East as well as the West. The Persians for instance introduced Greek cookery to yoghurt, rice and sweets made from nuts and honey. The Roman’s brought pastas and sauces, Arabs left their mark by bringing spices including cumin, cinnamon and cloves. The Turks later introduced the Greeks to coffee which today is a very big part in Greek culture and tradition. All these aforementioned influences made Thessaloniki a hub for a plethora of spices, flavors and scents. A foodie guide to Thessaloniki would be endless if we tried mentioning every type of dish found in this city!

Greek salad, where to eat in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki, being the second largest city in Greece is huge on food and beverages! Every second shop you pass on the road is either dedicated to some sort of food or drink; it can get extremely overwhelming when deciding where you want to spend lunch, dinner, or even take a short coffee break!  In Thessaloniki, the center is split into distinct areas, usually the sea side, “paralia” in Greek, is where people gather to drink their coffees for hours on end. Ladadika is a confined area with stoned paved paths, surrounded by historical buildings and taverns; this area is most suitable for meals and where you’ll find all those food lovers. Whether you’re in the mood for delicious fresh seafood, house-smoked meat or a simple belly – filling salad this area is perfect for you. If you are searching for a quick and fast bite to eat then head to Aristotelous Square for a mouthwatering souvlaki or gyro. If you’re on a diet and on your way to Thessaloniki, you may as well begin planning your cheat days, with the amount of sweet and pastry shops scattered around town, it’s going to be difficult to try and avoid! This city is truly for food lovers as there is something to eat in Thessaloniki for everyone!

souvlakia in Thessaloniki

We hoped you enjoyed our foodie guide to Thessaloniki and are ready to go exploring the endless bakeries, taverns, pastry shops and more in this city! Don’t know where to start? Then don’t worry, we’ve got it all figured out for you! There are a number of food and culture tours that you can sign up for where a local guide, and foodie to say the least, will take you around Thessaloniki where you will indulge in the finest, rarest, most traditional and delicious Greek flavors.

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