Grekaddict Expanding in Bulgaria

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Grekaddict Expanding in Bulgaria

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Grekaddict is expanding its entrepreneurial action in Bulgaria, with the vision of penetrating new markets, spreading unique travel experiences as well as bringing its digital tools and services to hotels abroad.

The visit to Bulgaria, and in particular to the picturesque town of Bansko, is a sign of recognition of the strong ties that govern the relations of the two countries. It is undisputed that large waves of tourists from Bulgaria are moving during the summer months to Greek destinations and likewise larges groups of Greeks are looking for action in the snowy Bulgarian mountains in the wintertime.

Staying firm in the values that characterize the culture of Grekaddict, we met potential new local business partners and experienced activities on the ground, before we can offer them to all of you. Nothing of the above could be accomplished without the warm hospitality of the Premier Mountain Luxury Resort.

Located under the imposing peaks of Mountain Pirin, at an altitude of 925 meters, Premier Mountain Luxury Resort is an elegant and luxurious hotel, that offers unique accommodation experiences all year round. The spacious rooms furnished in wood and line fabrics, enjoy spectacular views of the mountains. It features first-class services and amenities such as a superior spa center, a fully equipped gym and personal transfers and bus shuttle transportation. Finally, do not miss the chance to taste the palate pleasing dishes of the two restaurants that will satisfy even the most demanding. Whether you are in a mood for active ski holidays or you just need to pumper yourself at the wellness facilities, Premier Mountain Luxury Resort is the best place to be. 

We are so excited to see what your future in Bulgaria holds; many tours and activities in the future months! Grekaddict’s biggest entrepreneurial journey just started! Great things are about to come!

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