I am Greece: My favourite Tours

Hello everyone! I ‘m Tony Kariotis, a Greek-American traveller who’s embarked on a journey to visit the best places in Greece. For that reason, I ‘ve created my Instagram page called @IamGreece to share my magical experiences with my internet friends and inspire them to get out there and see the world for themselves. I ‘ve gathered here my favourite tours for you and I’m looking forward to hearing about your wonderful experiences in Greece. Bon Voyage!

My favourite tours in Santorini

Tours in Santorini - Wine tour

Santorini Wine Tour and Wine Tasting

Traverse through the unique environment of volcanic soil on an interactive Santorini Wine Tasting Tour.

Tours in Santorini

Santorini Hiking Tour From Fira to Oia

Hit the trail and explore Santorini, one of the most famous islands in Europe, with a Santorini hiking tour from Fira to Oia...

Tours in Santorini - Jet Ski

Jet Ski Safari in Santorini

Visit all the famous volcanic sites of Santorini in a marvellous Jet Ski Safari that will blow your mind and boost your adrenaline!

Akrotiri Tour in Santorini with Wine Tasting

Visit the archaeological site in Akrotiri, take some time off to relax on the volcanic-sand beaches and taste numerous flavourful wines on the Akrotiri tour in Santorini.

Tours in Santorini - Catamaran

Budget-Friendly Santorini Catamaran Cruise

Sail off on a budget-friendly Santorini catamaran cruise, immerse in beaches formed by the volcano, and spot Santorini’s true beauty by sea with your loved ones.

Tours in Santorini - Fishing tour

Morning or Sunset Fishing Tour in Santorini

If you enjoy relaxing by the sea while fishing, regardless if you are a fisherman or not, this Morning Fishing Tour in Santorini is a fun, yet tranquil experience!

Tours in Santorini

Caldera Morning Cruise

Approach the volcanic craters of Santorini on this Caldera Morning Cruise for an unforgettable experience!

Tours in Santorini

Discover Thirassia Tour from Santorini

Explore the untouched beauty of the hidden gem of Cyclades area – Thirassia island which will enchant you with its glorious views.

Tours in Santorini - Cooking class and Wine Tasting - Grekaddict

Cooking Class and Wine Tour in Santorini

Cherish local delicacies with a hands-on cooking class and wine tasting tour in Santorini that will fascinate even the most jaded.

My favourite tours in Mykonos

Walking Tour of Mykonos Town

Get acquainted with the picturesque alleys and houses of Mykonos with this Walking Tour of Mykonos Town.

Tour in Mykonos - Jeep

Jeep Safari Tour in Mykonos

Experience Mykonos off the beaten path with this Jeep Safari in Mykonos and embark on a glorious adventure with your loved ones.

Tours in Mykonos - Cooking class

Cooking Class in Mykonos

An unmatched cooking class in Mykonos where you can learn simple yet elegant mediterranean dishes.

My favourite tours in Rethymno

Tours in Rethymno - Food and Culture

Rethymno Food and Culture City Tour

Identify Crete’s beautiful city at its very core with the Rethymno Food and Culture City Tour. Embark on a food tour in Rethymno that takes you to the most essential city parts.

Discover South Crete Tour From Rethymno

Discover south Crete with a tour that will take you to the most striking parts of Crete island starting from Rethymno.

Tours in Rethymno - Margarites Village

Margarites Village Tour From Rethymno

Discover Crete with the Margarites village tour starting from Rethymno and explore the appealing scenery and admirable architecture.

My favourite tours in Heraklion

Tours in Heraklion - Olive Oil Tasting

Olive Oil Tasting in Heraklion

Treat yourself to a whole hour of ambrosial exploration and well-being sensation with an exceptional olive oil tasting in Heraklion. Nourish your body and taste buds while trying out Crete’s liquid gold, the world-renowned olive oil.

Wine Tasting in Heraklion

Fancy an evening full of fine aromas while indulging in a sublime wine tasting in Heraklion? Sample 5 different wine varieties and enjoy life’s best like a true bon vivant.

Tours in Heraklion - Cooking Class

Cooking Class in Heraklion

Prepare traditional Cretan dishes with the help of the locals and inspire your mind by partaking in a cooking class in Heraklion where fresh produce and beneficial superfoods become a work of art.

My favourite tours in Chania

Tours in Chania - Cooking class

Cooking Class in Chania

Fire up your enthusiasm about Greek food with this Cooking Class in Chania! Learn to cook your Cretan favorites and add flavor to your holiday with this unique culinary experience!

Tours in Chania - Trikke Tour

Chania Highlights Trikke City Tour

Ride through the historical Old Town of Chania and visit the most important sites of the city on an eco-friendly Trikke vehicle for a most informative and entertaining experience!

Tours in Chania - Oil & Wine Tasting

Wine and Olive Oil Tour in Crete

Get acquainted with Crete’s most prominent products – wine and olive oil – with this Wine and Olive Oil Tour! Sample and learn about local wine varieties in two different wineries, visit the world’s oldest olive tree and the Olive Tree Museum!

My favourite tours in Athens

The Zorba Inside Me Tour in Athens

There is no party like a Greek party! Get a chance to learn traditional Greek dances and enjoy your night of dance, food, drinks, and laughter! Welcome to The Zorba Inside Me Tour in Athens!

Tours in Athens - Vegan Tour

Vegan Food Tour in Athens

Indulge in the most delightful vegan food tour in Athens. Savor the tempting Greek meals while admiring the Acropolis and nourish your body and soul with an alternative Athens food tour.

Tours in Athens - TUK-TUK tour

Sightseeing of Athens on Tuk Tuk Tour

Hop on the sightseeing of historical Athens on a tuk tuk tour and cruise through the most important parts of Greece’s capital city in the most entertaining way of 360 views.

Tours in Athens - Street Art

Athens Street Art Walking Tour

Hold your breath for the Athens street art walking tour, a journey among contemporary artists, dense graffiti colours over grey walls, and the Vox populi in pictures all over the city.

Tours in Athens - Mythology Tour

Mythology Tour of Acropolis & Museum

Explore the depths of wondrous ancient Greek mythological figments. Experience tales of pathos and ethos come to life right before your eyes in this mythology tour of Acropolis.

Tours in Athens - Athens by night Tour

Athens by Night Walking Tour

Experience the illuminated monuments and exquisite landmarks on the majestic Athens by Night Tour. To make this tour authentically Greek, we’ll be enjoying some traditional Greek wine and mezedes!

Tours in Athens - Political Tour

Political Walking Tour of Athens

Forget everything you’ve heard on the news about the Greek economic crisis and discover first-hand the implications of austerity measures on Greek life and its people by walking through the streets of the capital on this Political Tour of Athens!

Tours in Athens - LGBQT Tour -

LGBTQ friendly tour in Athens

Dare to dream of a carefree world by joining in the LGBTQ friendly tour in Athens where homosexuality in antiquity was the habit of the day.

Tours in Athens - Historical Center e-bike Tour

Athens Historical Center e-bike Tour

Discover the historical center of Athens on wheels. This exhilarating Athens Historical Center e-Bike Tour through the old side of Athens is a quick and fun way to learn the history of this famous city!

Tours in Athens - Food and Culture Tour

Athens Food and Culture 4 hour Tour

Mingle with the locals in this food and Athens Food and Culture 4 hour Tour! Indulge in mouthwatering bites and drinks as you get behind-the-scene visits to local shops and learn more about Greek culture!

Tours in Athens - 4x4 Jeep Tour

Athens 4×4 Jeep Mountain Tour

Board the Athens Jeep mountain tour and explore the wild yet picturesque Greek countryside with a 4×4 Jeep Wrangler safari!

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