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Little Venice Mykonos

The 10+1 Most Famous Pictures of Greece on Instagram

The 10+1 Most Famous Pictures of Greece on Instagram

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The 10+1 Most Famous Pictures of Greece on Instagram

Need some inspiration about your holidays in Greece? Read our 10+1 Most Famous Pictures of Greece on Instagram and get ready to live the Greek dream vacays. From renown Mykonos and Santorini, to less known gems of Greece, we travel you around the must-visit destinations in Greece for this summer.

1. Famous Pictures of Greece : Monastiraki in Athens

Monastiraki Square is one of the most central spots of Athens. Do you know where this iconic square first got its name from?

Standing in the center of the square, you will probably notice a little church lying in the corner of the square. The Church of the Pantanassa or of the “Dormition of the Virgin Mary of Athens”, was known as the Great Monastery during the Ottoman times, and later as the “little monastery”, coining the neighborhood, Monastiraki Square, ever since!

No matter if you like exploring a new destination by bike or on foot strolling around the picturesque neighborhoods of the Athens center, make sure to stop by Monastiraki Square for some impressive shots to fill your Instagram feed and try your luck getting on our next 10+1 most famous pictures of Greece on Instagram list.

photo by @ournextflight

2. Famous Pictures of Greece : Sithonia in Halkidiki

Are you dreaming of swimming in crystal clear waters or lying on sandy beaches while chasing the sun this summer? How about shooting some pictures of the most impressive beaches you’ll ever see?

In Halkidiki, your summer dreams can come true! Halkidiki holds second place as a region with the most Blue Flag Beaches in Greece. The Blue Flag label is awarded to beaches and marinas of high quality that obey to environmental rules. From sandy beaches or with white pebbles, to rocky bays with crystal clear waters and isolated coves with lush surroundings, the 89 in total, Blue Flag Beaches of Chalkidiki, satisfy even the most demanding visitor!

We are sure you will find your little paradise in one of those beaches of unparalleled beauty! You only need to find a way to reach this paradise. We suggest taking a cruise in a catamaran or renting a private boat to reach those isolated instagrammable beaches!

photo by @katerinakatopis

3. Famous Pictures of Greece : Paleokastritsa in Corfu

When visiting Corfu, give yourself the time to explore all the hidden coves of Paleokastritsa, the jewel of Corfu, as many locals claim. The fact is that they are right! But why is place so memorable?

The answer is simple and straightforward! Paleokastritsa is an area of exceptional natural beauty in the northwestern part of the island, because of the beautiful shape of the seaside with the rocky promontories and the isolated beaches between, all surrounded by greenery and an abundance of nature.

Is Paleokastritsa an important reason to visit Corfu this summer? For us, definitely, it is! Take as many pictures as you can and do not hesitate to share them with us and we promise to add the best on our future edition of The 10+1 most famous pictures on instagram! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram using our hashtag #grekaddict!

photo by @bucketlistbums

4. Famous Pictures of Greece : Assos Village in Kefalonia

Do you know what Assos means in Greek? It means ace implying excellence. The ideal name for an incredible place like Assos Village in Kefalonia!

Assos is a small, isolated village located on the northwestern side of the island. Like ‘lost in time’ it is the ideal place for relaxing vacations, outside of the noisy touristic areas of Kefalonia. If you want to experience the true beauty and tranquility of Assos, hike up to the old Assos Castle to make the most of the truly spectacular views across the bay and the surrounding vegetation for those picture-perfect moments!

When visiting this tiny paradise keep your camera close and take those shots that will definitely take your Instagram game to the next level!

photo by @pvp3_

5. Famous Pictures of Greece : Monemvasia Castle in Peloponnese

Have ever been to “Little Gibraltar” or “Gibraltar of East”?

It’s the nickname of Monemvasia, a medieval tower town in southeastern Peloponnese, that is built on the side of a huge sea rock, occupying a steep, rocky islet connected to the mainland. In the medieval times, the only way to reach Monemvasia castle was by boat, while later, a single narrow path that was constructed to link the mainland of Laconia with the rock of Monemvasia was built. That’s how the name to this stunning place came to be. In Greek the word “mone” means “single” and “embassia” means “entrance”.

Are you ready to pass the entrance that leads to a medieval fairy place that will amaze you? This instagrammable fortress is a definite must when visiting the Peloponnese!

photo by @minogiannisvalantis

6. Famous Pictures of Greece : Little Venice in Mykonos

Did you know there’s a “Little Venice” in Mykonos?

You’ve read that correctly! The Alefkandra neighborhood of Mykonos, well-known as “Little Venice”, is an area that lines the waterfront with rows of 18th-century fishing houses, built by wealthy merchants and sea captains. Due to this location and the architecture of the houses, it is apparent, that it got nicknamed “Little Venice” because of the resemblance to the Italian city of Venice.

The best time to visit Little Venice is in the evening to enjoy a captivating sunset while on board on a sunset cruise. Grab your camera to capture the infamous sunset of Mykonos and hop onboard!

photo by @kakis_massage_on_board

7. Famous Pictures of Greece : Megalos Dromos in Nafplio

Did you know that this beautiful cobblestone road is called ‘Megalos Dromos’, or Great Road?

Nafplio was the first capital of the newly born Greek state and Ioannis Kapodistrias, Greece’s first governor, wished to build a road resembling the great European cities. Thus, the Great Road, also known as Vasileos Konstantinou Street, is the main artery of the city’s vibrant life. Along the length of the road, there is a plethora of instagrammable neoclassical buildings, shops, picturesque taverns, and romantic cafes.

Want to explore all the hidden gems of the romantic city of Nafplio with your camera? We suggest a Walking Tour of Nafplio to capture the most impressive and instagrammable spots of the city!

photo by @minogiannisvalantis

8. Famous Pictures of Greece : Old town of Rethymno

Even if Rethymno is not as popular as Chania or as vibrant as Heraklion, it is still a great option for someone looking for a relaxing vacation combining history, tradition but also sandy beaches that will surely impressive your Instagram followers!

Rethymno, the third largest city of Crete, preserves much of its Venetian and Turkish appearance. Important historical spots such as the Fortezza of Rethymno, the fortress of the city, the Rimondi Fountain, and of course, the Venetian Harbour with the Lighthouse, built in the 1830s, are all combined harmoniously in a city with two sides. The romantic one, full of history and culture that transports you back to the past, and the one with endless beaches and modern facilities that brings you again to the present!

But Rethymno is not just that! There is much more to discover and to find out about authentic Cretan life in this picturesque town. We are ready to reveal all the hidden secrets of Rethymno to you. Are you ready?

photo by @digavrii

9. Famous Pictures of Greece : White tower in Thessaloniki

Every city has a unique symbol for which it is widely known and Thessaloniki is not an exception!

The White Tower or Leukos Pyrgos in Greek, is undoubtedly the most popular and instagrammable monument in Thessaloniki, due to its location on the waterfront of the city and its historical importance. Initially, it was used as a fortress to protect the inhabitants from sea raids and then as a prison. Before the White Tower was whitewashed in 1980, it was known as ‘Bloody Tower’ owing to the uncounted executions of the Ottoman torturers. Nowadays it is home to a unique museum and meeting point not only of the city’s visitors but also of the city’s inhabitants.

You can walk across the streets of Thessaloniki or bike down iconic waterfront but in any case, do not pass the White Tower without paying it a visit!

photo by @welcomepickups

10. Famous Pictures of Greece : Navagio Beach in Zakynthos

When scrolling through pictures of Zakynthos on Instagram we can surely bet that you will find pictures of Navagio Beach, and for sure it couldn’t be miss our from our 10+1 most famous pictures of Greece on Instagram list!

When thinking of Zakynthos the first thing that comes in your mind is the Shipwreck beach or Navagio beach in Greek, one of the most famous beaches not only in Greece but in the world. This beach was originally known as Agios Georgios but took this nickname after the famed 1980 shipwreck “Panagiotis“ resting in the sandy turquoise Navagio cove framed by cliffs.

If you are planning on visiting this instagrammable beach in Greece this summer, let your camera go crazy and don’t forget to have fun! As always, we love seeing your summer memories on Instagram with our hashtag #grekaddict!

photo by @joshsbkr

11. Famous Pictures of Greece : Sunset view in Santorini

You didn’t think we could make a list of instagrammable places in Greece without mentioning Santorini did you? With its famous sunsets and white washed houses, Santorini is just the place to take those impressive Instagram shots!

Thanks to an enormous volcanic eruption, the island of Santorini or Thira was created, forming the current caldera, a wide half-moon shape bay, while sinking of the western part of the former Strongyli Island. Now, Santorini consists of a group of islands, Santorini (Thira), the main island, Thirasia and Aspronisi at the periphery, and the two Kameni islands at the center.

The caldera of Santorini is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, who come to admire the breathtaking view!

Skip the touristy crowds and join a hike in Caldera for those impressive Santorini shots, and send us all your amazing pictures and get the chance to be included in our new 10+1 most famous pictures of Greece on Instagram 2021!

photo by @vikinhu
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