olive oil tours in Greece

The Ultimate Guide to Olive Oil Tours in Greece

The Ultimate Guide to Olive Oil Tours in Greece

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The Ultimate Guide to Olive Oil Tours in Greece

When we think of Greece, besides crystal clear waters and romantic sunsets, one of the first thoughts that comes to mind is the delicious Greek cuisine – from feta cheese to fresh salads to unique recipes that satisfy everyone’s appetite. But do you know what is the secret behind the delicious taste of these Greek dishes? Read our ultimate guide to olive oil tour in Greece and learn all about olive oil in Greece.

The story of the golden liquid of Greece began some 60,000 years ago, when it was initially founded on Greek islands. For years Greeks were building houses around olive trees, and ever since, the olive oil has remained a crucial part of Greek culture, history and cuisine. Certainly, you cannot leave Greece without tasting this delicacy, so we’ve gathered the best best olive oil tours in Greece to help you plan your trip!


Olive Oil in Crete

Olive oil is an important aspect of Cretan culture, as Cretans have associated their lives with the olive tree cycle. Besides being the single most significant ingredient in Cretan cuisine, locals use this “golden liquid” for medicine and cosmetics purposes. In fact, the foundation of the Cretan economy was olive oil. It is widely known that Cretan olive oil is a principal secret behind longevity and overall health. By having one of the best conditions for olive oil harvesting, you will be able to find olive trees as old as 3,000 years. Therefore, in order to experience the legacy of Cretan treasure, we have prepared for you the best olive oil tours in Crete.


The Best Olive Oil Tours in Crete

Olive oil tour in Crete

How about getting first row seats in experiencing the heart of Cretan culture? Indulge your senses in the Secrets of Wine and Olives Tour from Chania and taste the “elixirs” of life – wine and olive oil. Learn all about the rich history of these gifts of nature through visiting local olive mill and old winery. Above all, be prepared to make delicious memories by enjoying a traditional Cretan lunch seasoned with unique Cretan olive oil and tasty domestic wine.



Wine and Olive Oil Tasting in Rethymno

Is there a better way to learn everything about Greek olive oil than visiting its place of origin – Crete? The Wine and Olive Oil Tasting in Rethymno tour will tingle all of your senses as you will visit the modern olive oil factory and taste some of the best Greek olive oil. Do not forget to take your camera since the professional tour guide will take you to more than thousands year old olive tree! That’s something worth taking pictures of!


Wine and Olive Oil Tour in Crete

We believe that the best way to be introduced to Greek olive oil is through combining the country’s longevity treasures – wine and oil. Join the Wine and Olive Oil Tour in Crete and create unforgettable moments enriched with Cretan flavors. Besides visiting two wineries and learning all about wine production and gathering the secrets of wine tasting, you will enhance your knowledge of Greek olives by visiting Olive Tree Museum. Also, you will have a unique opportunity to observe the extra virgin olive oil production in the traditional olive oil mill.


Olive Oil in Thessaloniki

Even though the best olive oil can be found in Crete, over the past few generations, olive oil has been contributing to Thessaloniki’s economy as well. Indeed, the local olive oil is characterized to be rich in organic characteristics and high nutritional value. The symbolic green olive oil, “Agourelaio”, that is commonly found in Thessaloniki is usually made from green olives that have fruitier and stronger taste from other olives. “The great healer”, as the father of medicine Hippocrates would call it, remained a crucial ingredient that has to be on the table during all kinds of gatherings that involve excellent food and interaction.


The Best Olive Oil Tours in Thessaloniki

Olive Oil and Olive Tasting Experience in Thessaloniki

Continuing our list with the best olive oil tours in Greece, we preset you, the Olive Oil and Olive Tasting Experience in Thessaloniki. This interactive tasting experience will assure you that the saying that olives are the caviar of Mediterranean and that olive oil is the gold of Greek land is correct. Together with an educated guide, you will learn all about the olive oil benefits and pick up tricks on how to use olive oil for cooking. Besides trying some of the finest oil in Thessaloniki, by the end of the tour you will be able to recognize the quality and excellence of olive oil and become a real olive oil expert!


Natural Cosmetics and Olive Oil Soap-Making in Thessaloniki

Who says that Greek olive oil is meant to be used exclusively for cooking? The Natural Cosmetics and Olive Oil Soap-Making in Thessaloniki is a one-of-a-kind tour that will make sure you understand all of the olive oil benefits through crafting your natural cosmetics. In this entertaining and interactive workshop, you will learn which organic ingredients play a crucial role in the making of artisan skincare products and have a chance to create your olive oil soap. Roll up your sleeves and wake up your inner beauty enthusiast!

Olive Oil Tours in Peloponnese

Best Olive Oil Tasting Tours in Kalamata

Tours in Heraklion - Olive Oil Tasting

Ever since Athena, the goddess of wisdom and patron of the Greek capital gave Greek olive oil as a gift, this ingredient remained their source of pride. The first ever olive oil tree, the Moria Elaia, started the olive oil legacy of being the best remedy, a drizzle that can improve any dish and a secret component of supreme cosmetics. The olive oil from this region is getting a comparative advantage that is supported by various awards.


The Best Olive Oil Tours in Navplio

After a long day of wandering through Navplio whose streets breathe out the rich history and culture, a perfect way to relax your body and mind is to experience the Olive Oil Tasting in Navplio and visit to Epidavros. This interactive workshop will teach you how to best apply Greek olive oil in your daily cuisine and make your meals even more delicious. You will learn about all the myths of Greek olive oil while enjoying mouth-watering appetizers and desserts, and most importantly, having fun!

Join along the fun in these olive oil tours in Greece and find out for yourself why olive oil has become the trademark of Greece! Transport yourself back to ancient times while tasting the “golden liquid” of Greek land!

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