Please read the following terms and conditions applicable to both agents and travelers. 

If not fully and unconditionally accepted you are not allowed to book or quote for any of the services here distributed.


By accessing our system, visiting our web quoting or booking, you automatically accept unconditionally all terms and conditions here noted and implied though the current note. (or the company operating makes available to both Agents and Travelers excursions and related supportive to this services (e.g Tours & Activities). Our Systems is used only to quote, book and confirm a service. All pictures, texts, info are under strict rights of and there is no license for third party use unless given in writing. Agent is using the system on strict terms set by, if in doubt of these handling and operational terms is not allowed to use it and should refrain instantly. 

Our company cooperates only with excursion organizers that are obliged by local and international laws to bear all insurance certificates and required licenses and acts as an intermediate between the agent (and its client) and the excursion/day-trip organizer, thus all insurance coverage varies and lies with the local company that supplies the excursion / day trip purchased. Please feel free to request further information regarding insurance coverage, rights and obligations from the local day-trip company the service will be delivered from. 


Upon completion of the reservation you will receive an email. It is agents or clients’ responsibility to notify us in the event of not receiving the confirmation e-mail or in the case that booking details have been entered inaccurately. The booking details you have entered/or requested to be entered in the booking process will be displayed in the confirmation e-mail in detail. In all excursions and day-trips, there are certain restrictions. Age, Health, weight and/or even height. Please check the day-trip descriptions and if in any doubt request detailed terms that are valid by the local day-trip organizers, failing to do so might result in delays, cancellations or even compensation claims by the local companies and or any local organizer, will not be responsible for personal possessions and losses. Any possessions unattended or forgotten in the vehicles or in the visited areas, such as cloths, bags, money, are under only the guests/travelers control and full responsibility. Documentation & Ids Documentation requirements might be necessary and often change.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY can not be held responsible for any claim/amount exceeding the day-trip purchased cost/spent. It is accepted and fully agreed that there can’t be no responsibility for, nor guarantees and no liability for any damage, loss, injury, or even death in relation to the excursions or transportation booked.


It is the Agents or travelers responsibility to provide a correct and valid reachable mobile or not telephone number (incl. International code) and e-mail at the time of booking. Failing to do so means that the agents or traveler assumes responsibility for notifying and informing of any delays, amendments or problems in relation to the service purchased, e.g. locating the driver or the pick up point. If the client/booker/agent does not supply a valid telephone number and fails to contact (contact details are on the voucher) resulting in a missed pick up, there will be no refund. Failing to provide correct /accurate pick up details might result in missing the pick up. Unusual requests, not included in the booking engine, are always welcome and our team will endeavor to meet them. There cannot be any guarantee that these requests can be met.

CANCELLATION , AMENDMENT AND REFUND POLICY reserves the right to cancel the services booked for any important reason that might occur. In these cases a refund or a new booking date will be provided. Day-trips fall into different cancellation policies as there are various entrance fees, requirements and conditions, please check at the time of booking for the conditions that respectively apply.


-No refunds for no shows Last minute amendments / cancellations (72 hours prior of the day trip) can not be guaranteed to be processed.
Prices are always per person and in many cases there are extras that need to be paid by the participant in person. (e.g. local entrances) please check in detail the day-trip description. Check our note on the latest excursion “on the spot” requirements. Bookings are for the person booked for, there can not be allocated to different names without an amendment . Any day-trip refund claim should be via e-mail , in writing with full info attached . retains all rights to adjust and change the terms and conditions at any time if it so decides. The usage of our system or distribution channels will be always on the basis that the more recent terms and conditions displayed on line apply.

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