Traditional Cuisine Tour for Foodies in Athens

The 10 Best Food Tours in Greece

The 10 Best Food Tours in Greece

Traditional Cuisine Tour for Foodies in Athens , ,

The 10 Best Food Tours in Greece

When thinking about Greece, besides sandy beaches and turquoise sea, the first thing that comes to mind is the delicious Greek food. Greek culinary influence goes beyond Europe and the Mediterranean, as its cuisine has been affected by both Eastern and Western cultures. Organic vegetables with feta cheese, fresh seafood, and the well-known gyros are only one of the many traditional Greek dishes you’ll come across in Greece.

What makes Greek cuisine even more distinctive is its sharing nature – a large variety of appetizers, dips and salads make the meal truly social and friendly as they are meant to be shared with the loved ones. Hence, we are here to help you and provide you with a great opportunity to taste mouth-watering traditional Greek food during your stay. Diverse food tours in any of the most famous touristic destinations are going to make your Greece holidays special and unforgettable! Continue reading to find out which tours deserved a spot on our list of the best food tours in Greece!

Corfu Food Tour


What traditional food to taste in Crete?

Crete’s traditional food is globally known for its unique ingredients and excellent combinations you would never expect to taste. One of the main secrets behind having the healthiest cuisines in the world is that Crete’s food is made of fresh and organic ingredients. It’s quality lies in high quality of mountain herbs and vegetables, diversity of unique cheeses, fresh seafood and of course the “blessed” Cretan olive oil. One of the most famous Cretan traditional specialties is Dakos salad. Do not leave Crete without experiencing some of the following food tours where you will enjoy the one of a kind flavors of Mediterranean food.


Best food tours in Crete

If you are a real foodie, you should not miss Heraklion Eat and Drink Walking Tour and try some of the best Crete’s local food recipes. Encountering with the oldest coffee grinding shop of the Cretan capital and visiting local bakery and traditional-cheese making store will make you fall in love with the history and importance of each flavor you taste. On top of that, a famous taverna will serve you their freshly caught fish and of course unavoidable Cretan white wine.  

Heraklion Eat and Drink Walking Tour

In case you plan to spend your holiday in Greece in the mainland of Crete and desire to enjoy traditional Greek food, Food and Local Products Tour of Chania is the right food tour in Crete for you! Prepare to make delicious memories through visiting an olive oil mill and a cheese factory, where you will taste the special olive oil and cheese and realize what makes them so different. Besides traditional Cretan lunch, you will take a shot of local raki that will make your day even more fun! To discover all our Food, Oil & Wine tours in Crete, click here


What local food to taste in Chios?

Just like the specific culture it had over the centuries, Chios cuisine is exclusive in its way. The symbolic natural gum Mastiha, derived from the local mastic tree, is the crucial part of Chios and Greek food culture. While the north side of the island is covered with mastiha, the southern part is loaded with vineyards, and this is what makes the Chios food recipes so distinctive. The local Auriso wine, “the nectar of Gods”, should be on your must-try list when planning a Greek holiday in Chios. The entire island promises high quality and fresh food as all the places are deeply connected with the local herbs. Therefore, don’t hesitate, but let us help you choose a food tour in Chios rich in flavors and aromas!


Best food tours in Chios

Is there a better way to spend a day in Chios than to mingle with the locals and taste the distinctive local flavors during Chios Food Tour? The tour is carefully planned for you to try something beyond typical Greek dishes and visit some of the most interesting gastronomy places such as fish and spice market or vegan cafe with freshly squeezed juices. Besides having a traditional Chios meal, we promise that you will try the best cheese pie on the entire island! Don’t hesitate to book now! 

Chios Cooking Class

Kampos Food Tour at Chios, besides tasting delicious Greek food, this food tour in Chios offers you one of a kind chance to learn about some of the most known Chios delicacies. You will experience and see all the stages your meals go through before being served on your table in a semi-rural former local home. On top of that, you will have the time to explore Kampos village and, make some delicious memories, and take some astonishing pictures. To discover all our Food Tours & Cooking Classes in Chios, click here.


What local food to taste in Corfu?

During your holiday in Corfu, where the small streets are filled with the smell of local homemade food, you will be tempted to sit and try all traditional Greek food and Corfu specialties. As a result of the island’s long history with Venetians, Corfians were the first ones to taste potatoes, spices, and cocoa. Hence, some of the symbolic ingredients of the entire Corfu island are pasta, olive oil, spices, and fresh vegetables. If you desire to try something besides typical Greek dishes, ask for “Pastitsada” and “Sofrito” and sweeten your day with a portion of “tiganites tou Agiou”. 


Best food tours in Corfu

If you want to make your Greek holiday unforgettable and you are a real food enthusiast, then Corfu Food Tour is an ideal activity. You should come on an empty stomach because you will have 10 food stops full of traditional Greek food such as halva, caramelized onions, Greek yogurt and many more. The best way to experience the food tours in Corfu is to mingle with the locals and taste the original local delicates. Make sure you buy some of the ingredients and pick up traditional Greek recipes so that you can enrich your daily cuisine back home!

Corfu Food Tour

Is there a better combination than mouthwatering food and centuries-long culture? The Corfu Food and Culture Tour gives you an exceptional opportunity to taste some of the best local Corfu dishes that are a significant part of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine and at the same time learn about the rich history of Corfu island. To make your tour even more special, the professional guide will take you to hidden gems where you will try a variety of foods including ginger beer, spinach and cheese pie, honey, Kumquat liqueur and many more. You will also have time to admire the charm of Corfu architecture and culture by visiting some of its most important landmarks that played a significant part in Greek history, such as the Old Fortress and the New Fortress, The Palace of St. Michael & St. George, Jewish Quarter and more. To discover all our  Food & Culture Tours in Corfu, click here.


What local food to taste in Thessaloniki?

Many would say that Thessaloniki is a paradise for all kinds of foodies. From numerous street food places to luxurious dining restaurants, Thessaloniki food scene offers a wide variety of traditional Greek food. You should start a day with freshly baked kolouri or sweet mpougatsa and end it in a local taverna where you can delight yourself with diverse salads, “gyro” or “souvlaki” or, if you prefer seafood, with fried “Calamari”. Thessaloniki is full of food-areas (Ladadika, Bit Bazar or Athonos Plaza) and regardless of where you sit, we are sure you will enjoy the special taste of Mediterranean and Constantinople culture. 


Best food tours in Thessaloniki

The Thessaloniki Food and Culture 4 hour Morning Tour is the best way to make sure that you taste all of mouthwatering and one of a kind flavors that Greek food has to offer! This tour is a unique blend of food tasting, learning about the history of traditional dishes and getting to know more about the culture of Thessaloniki. From breakfast to lunch, you will have the opportunity to try 14 foods that play a crucial part in Greek cuisine and witness the magical process of food preparation. 

Who said that Greek food is only about meat and dairy products? Thessaloniki is an ideal place for all foodies, and we invite all vegans and people who care about their healthy diet to join us in  Tasting of Vegan and Raw Products Tour in Thessaloniki, as we are sure you will have fun! This 100% vegan experience made it to our list of the top food tours in Greece as it allows you to taste tailor-made local organic specialties and vegan dishes whose flavors are going to blow your mind! An educated guide will explain and show you how you can cook your vegan meals using healthy, organic, gluten-free and raw ingredients. Let’s enjoy together these unique bites and learn how delicious plants can be. To discover all our  Food & Culture Tours in Thessaloniki, click here.


What local food to taste in Athens?

Being the Greek capital and one of the biggest cities in Europe, Athens is the perfect place to experience Greek food and taste some of the best Greek dishes. No matter if you decide to sit in a local taverna or taste street food, eating out in Athens is a real adventure! Some of the meals that have to be found on your must-try list are carefully made apart moussaka, unique pastitsio or gemista with secret ingredients that make it so delicious and many more. The fertile soil of the Athenian region and the salty breeze of nearby coastline and islands contribute to wonderful and tasty Greek cuisine. 


Best food tours in Athens

The best way to experience and try Athenian food certainly is to roll up your sleeves and enjoy home cooked Greek meals. Embrace your inner chef in authentic Cooking Class in Athens activity and pick up unique traditional Greek recipes that will enrich your daily culinary routine back at home. Learn little secrets from professional chefs that will make your meals even more delicious. Cook, have fun and sit down with your friends and see why Athens is real gastronomy heaven. 

Athens Food and Culture 4-hour Tour

If you want to get behind the scenes and discuss with locals and shopkeepers the rich and interesting background of typical Greek dishes, then Athens Food and Culture 4 hour Tour is the right experience for you! The compelling aromas will lead you through Athenian old alleys where you will have the opportunity to taste specialties from Greek cuisine through 23 bites and 4 different traditional Greek drinks. From local delicious Greek coffee to traditional lunch at the old Athenian tavern, this special tour will make sure you make unforgettable memories. Don’t forget to come hungry! 


And there you have it! Our list of the top 10 best food tours in Greece for you to try! As you could conclude real Greek delicates hide in small local places and are waiting to be discovered through high-quality food tours all over Greece. We hope that these food tours in Greece will help you make delicious memories and unforgettable holidays. Join us to let all of your senses free and enjoy the gastronomic heaven!  You can browse through the rest of our food tours in Greece click here.


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