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€50 Wine Tasting in Athens

Wine Tasting in Athens

Join an evening of wine tasting award-winning Greek wines! Learn first-hand from expert sommeliers the difference between Greek wines!
Classes & Workshops
1 hour
€130 Cooking Class in Mykonos

Cooking Class in Mykonos

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to get your hands messy in this Cooking Class in Mykonos! Learn to make your favorite Greek dishes ...
Classes & Workshops
6 hours
€35 Tour list image

SUP Yoga in Thessaloniki

Looking for an authentic yoga experience, with no studio, no air-conditioning and no crowds? Become one with nature by doing different ...
Classes & Workshops
1 hour 30 minutes
€70 Yoga and Kayak in Halkidiki

Yoga and Kayak in Halkidiki

Find your zen while doing yoga in the remote beaches of Diaporos Island and kayak through the crystal waters of Vourvourou Bay with ...
Classes & Workshops
5 hours
€55 Make Your Own Souvenir Workshop

Make Your Own Souvenir Workshop in Athens

Connect with your creative side and experience the oldest and most original Greek form of art in this Make Your Own Souvenir Workshop ...
Classes & Workshops
2h 30min
€38 Tour list image

Athens Instagram Photo Tour

Join the Athens Instagram Photo Tour, walk around Athens city center, visit the most Instagram-worthy spots and take those pictures ...
Classes & Workshops
2h 30min
€50 Chios Cooking Class

Chios Cooking Class

Get your hands dirty in this Chios Cooking Class! Learn how to make some of the most popular Greek dishes in a beautiful historic ...
Classes & Workshops
3 hours 30 minutes
€75 Cooking Class in Rethymno

Cooking Class in Rethymno

Roll up your sleeves to learn how to cook – Cretan style! Learn all the tips and tricks to cooking like a local in this Cooking class ...
Classes & Workshops
4 hours
€74 Cooking Class in Chania

Cooking Class in Chania

Fire up your enthusiasm about Greek food with this Cooking Class in Chania! Learn to cook your Cretan favorites and add flavor to your ...
Classes & Workshops
7 hours
€260 Cretan Cooking Class in Heraklion

Cretan Cooking Class in Heraklion

Experience the tradition of Cretan people and learn how to make delicious Greek specialties during this engaging and fun cooking class. ...
Classes & Workshops
5 hours
€30 Natural Cosmetics and Olive Oil Soap-Making in Thessaloniki

Natural Cosmetics and Olive Oil Soap-Making in Thessaloniki

If you enjoy crafting or you are a beauty enthusiast then this Natural Cosmetics & Olive Oil Soap-Making Seminar is an experience you ...
Classes & Workshops
2 hours 30 minutes