Crete Canyoning Tour at Tsoutsouros Canyon

Crete Canyoning Tour at Tsoutsouros Canyon

Crete canyoning tour at Tsoutsouros canyon in Greece

What to Expect from Crete Canyoning Tour at Tsoutsouros Canyon

Escape the crowded beaches of Crete and indulge in a fascinating unique experience in nature with the Crete Canyoning tour in Tsoutsoros village. Feel the adrenaline levels rising up as you descend one of the most stunning canyons in south Crete. Seize the day and live an unforgettable family-friendly experience with your loved ones, stare at the imposing beauty of the natural landscapes of Crete’s canyon, and be amazed by the constantly changing terrain through your way down.

Capture the majestic view of the Lybian Sea before touching the ground and exit the canyon in the hidden village of Tsoutsoros. Take a break on the sandy beaches of the village, go for lunch or simply relax and enjoy the idyllic scenery in the company of a refreshing beverage with one of the most enchanting tours in Crete.


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