Food Tour in Chania and Villages of Chania

Food Tour in Chania and Villages of Chania

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What to Expect from Food Tour in Chania and Villages of Chania

Embark on a delightful food tour in Chania, diving deep into the culinary wonders of Crete. As you stroll through the heart of Chania old town and surrounding villages, you’ll come face-to-face with the essence of Cretan culture and cuisine.

Your journey begins with a deep exploration of olive’s importance in Crete. Visit a local olive mill, where you’ll gain insights into olive oil production, right from the olive groves to the aromatic oils that Crete is renowned for.

A sip of “Raki” in a local distillery will introduce you to the famous Cretan spirit. As you venture further, the aromas of Chania town beckon. From the local bakeries serving up traditional Cretan bougatsa to cheese factories unveiling the secrets of “Graviera” and “Mizithra,” your palate is in for a treat.

Continuing your walking tour, embrace the culinary heartbeats of Crete. In the village of Fres, indulge in an authentic Cretan lunch, with dishes that tell tales of Cretan life and traditions. Revel in the famous Cretan hospitality, perhaps with a cup of Greek coffee to complement.

Wrap up your Chania food tour with a visit to a traditional “Kafeneio” – where locals often enjoy their meals. Here, you’ll not just eat but experience the deep-rooted culinary traditions that make Chania a haven for food lovers.

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