Meteora E-Bike Tour

Meteora E-Bike Tour

Morning Monastery E-Bike Tour in Meteora

What to Expect from Meteora E-Bike Tour

Are you astonished by the pictures you see of Meteora Monasteries? Do you love witnessing breathtaking sceneries while cycling? Then you should join along this morning our Meteor E-Bike Tour and learn all about the history and nature of these giant rock formations and the cliff-suspended monasteries that sit above them.

Enjoy the ride, as the electric assistance bikes will do most of the job, letting you appreciate the beauty of Meteora without getting too tired. Our local guide will lead the way through the different monasteries sharing stories and inside information along the way. Oh, and of course we will have stops to get in the monasteries and explore them from the inside! The Meteora E-Bike Tour is ideal for families, nature lovers, and those who prefer eco friendly things to do when traveling!

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