Semi-private Milos Boat Cruise to Kimolos and Polyaigos

Semi-private Milos Boat Cruise to Kimolos and Polyaigos

Milos Sailing Tour to Kleftiko

What to Expect from Semi-private Milos Boat Cruise to Kimolos and Polyaigos

Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of Milos island with the semi-private Milos boat cruise to Kimolos and Polyaigos. Sail on the north side of the island towards the small neighboring islands of Polyaigos and Kimolos. Behold the splendid and unique beauty of these closely situated islands and marvel at the turquoise waters, or take pictures of the strange rock formations and caves along the semi-private Milos Boat Tour.

Acquaint yourself with the island of Polyaigos where one can not help but admire its perfectly kept natural habitat, something that has contributed to its inclusion in the European Union Natura 2000 protection program.  Grasp the island’s importance in the preservation of wildlife as the unique, and proclaimed as protected, species of Mediterranean Monk Seal that can be spotted on the island where almost 90% of its population thrives.

Snorkel under the waters of the volcanic cave, or hike up the Faros Bay to take in all the picturesque views that look absolutely surreal. Continue on with your Milos boat cruise by admiring the rocky, volcanic feel of the surrounding environs caused by a volcanic eruption in archaic times. Enjoy your last swim in Myrsini Bay and marvel at the picturesque view of Kimolos island before you say goodbye at around 18:30 when we head back to Pollonia.

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