Naxos Hiking Tour Through Rural Villages

Naxos Hiking Tour Through Rural Villages

Naxos hiking tour through rural villages

What to Expect from Naxos Hiking Tour Through Rural Villages

Take part in a fascinating journey through the rural villages of Naxos and get to know firsthand the traditional way of living of the approximately 300 inhabitants of the picturesque village Potamia. Come along with the Naxos hiking tour and discover towers, chapels, lush valleys, nature and find out all about the history behind the majestic Potamia. Admire the prosperous agricultural surroundings, the ruined by time watermills, towers that once were used as cultural hubs for the aristocrat Venetians, and gaze at beautiful private gardens full of fruit-bearing trees. 

Understand the local dependence on nature far away from the modern way of living that the majority is used to and rest your head under the plane trees while indulging yourself with the fresh and tasty traditional treats coming straight from the gardens. Enjoy the company of your loved ones in the ambiance of a different era and make your private Naxos hiking tour through the rural villages an unforgettable experience.

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