Private Byzantine Naxos Hiking Paths Tour

Private Byzantine Naxos Hiking Paths Tour

Byzantine Naxos hiking paths tour

What to Expect from Private Byzantine Naxos Hiking Paths Tour

Involve yourself in the delightful private Byzantine hiking paths tour in Naxos and experience the island’s historical past. Hike around the fertile valley of Tragea located in the heart of Naxos and master the facts that shaped the history of the island. Find yourself strolling through the neoclassical buildings and colorful alleys in the former capital of Naxos, Chalki, feel the Medieval presence while exploring the magnificent towers of two different eras, and take part in the traditional liqueur tasting in an old citron distillery.

Set foot on the grounds where the impressive 11th-century Byzantine church of Saint George stands and awe at its majestic interior full of marvelous murals. Follow the steps of your guide, walk the natural Naxos hiking trails and be part of fascinating storytelling about the social differences between the locals and Venetians of that time. End your Naxos hiking paths tour tasting the famous Naxian cuisine at a traditional tavern near Chalki village.


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