Private Historical Naxos Hiking Tour

Private Historical Naxos Hiking Tour

Historical Naxos hiking tour in Greece

What to Expect from Private Historical Naxos Hiking Tour

Join the private Historical Naxos Hiking tour and be part of a fascinating walkthrough of the island’s rich history and achievements. Cross from the classical era of Ancient Greece to the Medieval times in a day and unveil the cultural heritage left to admire. Witness the wild and pristine nature surrounding your steps through the Naxos hiking trails, visit the island’s first water aqueduct and the unfinished Kouros marble statues, and set foot on the ancient marble quarries, a place where the greatest art of antiquity was formed. 

Hike along the shady riverside of Potamia village, get to know how the agricultural development led the way to today’s main resource of the island’s income, and reach your final destination at the upper side of the village. Make yourself at home, rest your feet under the cool of plane trees and feel the authentic Naxian hospitality while indulging in delicious homemade dishes made of organically grown products and tasting local wines at a traditional tavern. 


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