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Private Rethymno Eco Tour

Private Rethymno Eco Tour

Rethymno Eco Tour

What to Expect from Private Rethymno Eco Tour

Explore Crete off the beaten track with this eco trip through the Rethymno district. Learn first hand how traditional Greek bread is made in a wooden oven. Master the process of knitting and weaving like a pro and visit the famous monastery, St. George of Discouri. But your eco-friendly tour in Rethymno is not finished there! Continuing your private Rethymno eco tour, you’ll visit a “Mitato,” a shepherd’s shelter in the mountains where you’ll enjoy fresh local lamb, charcoaled in the oldest traditional way: “antikristo”. Last but not least on your eco tour through Rethymno, you’ll enjoy some coffee at a «forgotten» village.

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