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Santorini Wine Tour and Wine Tasting

Santorini Wine Tour and Wine Tasting

Santorini Wine Tour

What to Expect from Santorini Wine Tour and Wine Tasting

Learn all the important stages of winemaking with the Santorini Wine Tasting Tour. Indulge yourself in the delights of an ancient vineyard and educate yourself on the Assyrtiko winemaking process, including the procedure called  “kouloura” (basket) from a local wine expert. Expand your knowledge on the different kinds of grapes, the unique techniques and the soil quality that contribute to the development of the Santorinian wine. Go through an extensive wine collection during the Santorini Wine Tasting Tour and pair the wines with the right delights, according to the traditional principles. Explore the underground cave wineries and family held estates following a well-defined wine touring and tasting procedure. Satisfy your inner sommelier with a glorious Santorini Wine Tasting Tour.

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