Semi-Private Milos Catamaran Day Tour

Semi-Private Milos Catamaran Day Tour

catamaran day cruise in Milos island, Greece

What to Expect from Semi-Private Milos Catamaran Day Tour

Unravel the out-of-this-world scenery of Milos on a Milos Catamaran day tour and create memories with friends and loved ones. Make your way through the north part of Cape Vani and sail along the bays of Triades and Agios Ioannis to reach Sykia. Take amazing photos of the cave and the volcanic crater in the south part which will enchant you with its volcanic rocks and its turquoise waters, ideal for snorkeling. 

Make a stop at Kleftiko which serves as a pirate’s lair,  explore the underwater pathways of the cave that will lead you to unexpected places. View right from your boat, popular bays such as Gerontas and Provatas the gorgeous beaches of ‘Firiplaka’ and Tsigrado, until you finally reach the undisclosed bay of Gerakas. Perceive the magnificent scenery of Theiorychia with the 1870’s sulfur mines still intact and find your inner peace at Galazia Nera. Take a deep breath and let the transparency of the sea recharge your mind, soul, and body. Appreciate the seagull islands and take photos of the unusual but interesting hexagonal-shaped volcanic rocks. Live the moment and admire the main landmarks through the bay of Adamas and finally set sail for the port. Along the way, perceive the grandiose Arkoudes rocks and try to spot all the villages that are visible from your boat. Focus on your guide’s interesting stories and myths about the whole area and gaze at the sunset enhancing the beauty of Milos. Stay full and hydrated with delicacies offered onboard throughout your journey.

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