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Uncover The Roots Of Santorini Day Tour – Private

Uncover The Roots Of Santorini Day Tour – Private

Uncover the roots of Santorini day tour

What to Expect from Uncover The Roots Of Santorini Day Tour – Private

Initiate your private Santorini day tour through the cultural journey of the glorious island and take part in an intersensory and unique experience. Watch how music unites all kinds of people around the globe as fifteen hand-crafted wind and string instruments employed with mythical iterations, in an outstanding boutique setting. Enhance your experience in the workshop of the master instrument artisan building their own ancient Greek pipe from local cane and learn the instrument’s historical significance. Taste pristine quality wines poured from ancient vessels, set in an ancient cellar room and relish the finest wine varieties while enjoying an offered traditional plate. Carry on with your Santorini tour by heading over to the traditional cave house where the Folklore Museum is housed and be amazed by how it reflects the important historic asset of the island. Visit traditional stores run by agricultural families and savor exquisite homemade products and recipes. Approach the end of your Santorini day tour by delighting in a palatable meal sampling of local fresh products. 

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