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Windsurfing Lesson in Thessaloniki

Windsurfing Lesson in Thessaloniki

Windsurfing lesson in Thessaloniki

What to Expect from Windsurfing Lesson in Thessaloniki

If you’re a person who finds lying around and sunbathing the whole day to be a bit boring and you’re in need of an adrenaline rush, then look no further than this Windsurfing Lesson in Thessaloniki. This windsurfing lesson require no prior experience, just the desire to try something new and have a little fun! Located in the small village of Angelochori, 30 km from Thessaloniki, your lessons will take place in a famous water sport extravaganza destination. With the help of a professional instructor, you’ll learn how to combine the elements of surfing and sailing for one memorable ride during your windsurfing in Thessaloniki activity.

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