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Flyboard in Nea Skioni

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  • 2 hours
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This tour is only offered as a private one! There is no shared price option.


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Flyboard in Nea Skioni

Do flyboard in Nea Skioni, enjoy the thrill and adrenaline rush and test your balance and will power to tame the flyboard, all under the guidance of a certified instructor. Feel like a combination of Superman and Aquaman simultaneously.

Flyboarding is the newest extreme water sport! Have you ever imagined a hoverboard for the seawater? Well, this is it! Feel like a combination of Superman and Aquaman simultaneously.

Enjoy the thrill and adrenaline rush, test your balance and willpower to tame the flyboard, all under the guidance of a certified instructor. Only a few minutes of proper instruction from a certified specialist is enough for the first steps. Some get the hang of it quicker than others, but EVERYBODY gains control of the basics within 20 minutes. One thing remains the same for everyone: It is extremely F-U-N!!

How the Flyboard works: The main mechanism is called a PWC (Personal Watercraft). This mechanism uses air and water pressure to propel you vertically above the water surface. Strap your feet to the primary nozzle and before you know it you’re floating or flying above the water!!


The board’s positive buoyancy along with a life vest is all the safety you need. A certified instructor is right there with you to control all the necessary adjustments of the mechanism.

Don’t hesitate!! Book your flyboarding experience ASAP! Assure your extreme activity and just show up for the rest. If you need transportation to and from the water sports site, contact us in advance.

Itinerary of Flyboard in Nea Skioni


Get the gear

On the shore, we provide you with the proper gear. Jump into the water and get accustomed to the actual Flyboard. Strap your feet onto the board in the proper water depth and get ready for action!


Learn the basics

Go through a 15 minute crash course with one of our certified instructors on how to get started.


Become a superhero!

All of us have dreamed of flying, time for you to realize this dream!! Enjoy your superhero experience in the crystal clear waters of Halkidiki. Within minutes, learn how to master this craft, allow your instructor to teach you a few tricks!



Enjoy a bonus non-motorized water sport activity (free of charge). Choose between the canoe, pedal (paddle boat) or SUP (paddleboard).

  • Experienced Instuctor
  • 30min Flyboard
  • 1h non-motorized water sport activity
  • All Flyboard gear
  • transfer to/from departure point
  • gratuities
  • personal expenses
  • confirmation will be received within 8 hours of booking, subject to availability
  • children must be accompanied by an adult

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