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Make Your Own Souvenir Workshop

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  • 2 hours 30 minutes
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Make Your Own Souvenir Workshop

Connect with your creative side and experience the oldest and most original Greek form of art in this Make Your Own Souvenir Workshop. Roll your sleeves up and make your own ceramic art object to take back home as a souvenir!

When you think of Greece, ceramic vessels & sculptures are one of the first images that pop into mind. Join this Make Your Own Souvenir Workshop to experience first-hand one of the most ancient art forms and immerse yourself into Greek culture. This Make Your Own Souvenir Workshop is fantastic for the creative visitors, the culture-loving types, and all travellers looking for an authentic experience in Athens.

Your Make Your Own Souvenir Workshop begins at Syngrou Metro Station, where you will meet your local guide. They will walk with you to the workshop where you will be greeted by professional ceramics artists, who will be your tutors for the day. The first part of your Make Your Own Souvenir Workshop involves learning a bit more about ancient Greek ceramics. A lot of what we know about ancient Greek culture we owe to the ceramic artifacts dug up in ancient ruins. Figurines used for religious purposes, urns meticulously painted with scenes from everyday life depicting people working, celebrating, grooming, socializing, doing sports and so much more! These humble and seemingly simple objects are quite the history gems for those who know where to look! Your tutors will give you some background knowledge to inspire you and help you decide what art object you prefer to create. Once you are ready, you will roll your sleeves up and get working with clay! No need to worry if you are a beginner, your tutors will be there to guide and help you throughout the activity. After your figurine or vessel is ready it will be dried and fired up and sent to your hotel for you or even shipped to your home address if you prefer. One thing is certain, with this Make your Own Souvenir Workshop, this time you’ll be taking home more than just a holiday souvenir!

Itinerary of the Make Your Own Souvenir Workshop



You will meet your guide upon agreed time at Syngrou Metro Station, at the Pedestrian Zone by Drakou Exit.


Going to the Workshop

Your guide will lead you to the pottery workshop where your Make your Own Souvenir activity will take place.


Learn about ceramics art

At the workshop you will meet your tutors for the day. Your tutors will first teach you a bit about the ancient Greek ceramics art.


Make your own souvenir

Now you have some background knowledge, you will get down to work producing your very own art object!


End of workshop

Congratulate yourself! You have created a beautiful art object which you’ll be taking home with you.

Syngrou Fix Metro Station (Pedestrian Zone – Drakou Exit)

  • 2.5-hour pottery workshop
  • Lecture on ancient Greek ceramics art
  • Construction of clay art object
  • Guidance by professional pottery artist
  • Firing your art object
  • Transport to and from meeting point
  • Food and drinks
  • Gratuities
  • Shipping fee
  • For an additional fee we will ship the art object you have created to your home address for you.

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