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Street Art Private Tour in Athens

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  • Athens
  • 12:00am
  • 3 hours
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This tour is only offered as a private one! There is no shared price option.


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Street Art Private Tour in Athens

Decode the motives behind Athenian graffiti art while taking up the opportunity to get educated on this alternative form of art alongside a local graffiti artist on this Street Art Private Tour in Athens.

It is without a shadow of a doubt that exquisite Greek art has existed throughout the eras, constantly influenced by various characteristics that have shaped the way art has been presented today. Athens is the greatest city to explore various forms of art, but that’s not the only thing the city is known for. Athens is the largest Greek city located in the south of mainland Greece, specifically known for its significance to its historical background and warm and welcoming hospitality. The city itself is extremely lively and you will find many things to do in Athens. People are always out and about, there are countless restaurants, bars, parks, museums, shopping areas and so on. Athens being the capital of Greece has made it a very touristy destination, with so much to show people traveling into Greece, the Athens street art tour is one of the most fitting tours for everyone.

Unlike the mainstream means of viewing art, the Athens street art tour is an alternative means of exploring graffiti down the streets of local Athenian neighborhoods. During the three-hour street art tour through Athens, prepare yourself to decode social and political motives behind the street art. Many artists claim that art allows them a way to express themselves creatively. During the past few years, Greece has gone through major turmoil which has been the major inspiration behind a lot of what you will get to see on the streets of Athens. The best part about this tour is the fact that a street artist will be escorting you and educating you along the whole tour.

Itinerary of theΒ Street Art Private Tour in AthensΒ 


Meeting point

The group will meet at the Kerameikos Metro Station where you will meet your tour guide.


Explore the streets

In the 3 hour art street tour you will find yourself down different streets observing different graffiti art on the walls while learning the stories behind each one.

The meeting point is at the Kerameikos Metro Station in Athens

  • A 3-hour private Athens street art tour
  • Local graffiti artist as your tour guide
  • Anything that you wish to purchase
  • Bring a hat, sunglasses, sunblock and a bottle of water.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.

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