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The Best of Greece Tasting Tour in Thessaloniki

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  • Thessaloniki
  • 12:00pm
  • 1 hour
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  • 10 €
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The Best of Greece Tasting Tour in Thessaloniki

Are you devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment? The Best of Greece Tasting Tour in Thessaloniki is a unique blend of food tasting, local history and culinary education that shouldn’t be missed by any gastronomy lover!

The Best of Greece Tasting Tour in Thessaloniki invites you to the heart of the oldest commercial neighborhood in the center of Thessaloniki to get a delicate taste of the most traditional, innovative and unique culinary treasures! You will be surprised to explore the finest selection of organic products that local Greek producers have to offer on this Greek tasting tour. Premium indigenous varieties of olive oils, harvested herbs, herbal teas and special PDO products, such as the natural resin of Chios mastic tree and the world’s finest saffron of Kozani, are just a few of the culinary gems waiting to be discovered during this educational tasting tour in Thessaloniki. Join this authentic experience and get carried away by the gastronomic Greek tradition at its finest!

Itinerary of The Best of Greece Tasting Tour in Thessaloniki


Arrival at the deli store

The staff of a contemporary deli store will warmly welcome you upon your requested time of arrival. All you have to do is make sure you will not have eaten any intense flavors at least one hour before your visit.


Taste the best Greece has to offer

Through the one-hour tour you will be introduced to a selected variety of local products from different regions of Greece. You will learn their characteristics, their origins and the exciting history that lies behind them. Indulge your senses by tasting some of the finest, local delicacies such as kourabies (traditional sugar cookies), baklava, vanilla submarines as well as local tahini, nut butter products and more!


Bring some back

At the end of your tour, do not miss the opportunity to take along with you a selection of delicious local products in a beautiful package.

The Best of Greece Tasting Tour in Thessaloniki will take pace at a local grocery store

  • A guided, educational culinary tour
  • Tastings of selected local specialties
  • Personal expenses
  • Please have your palate cleansed at least one hour before your arrival.
  • Please let us know if you wish for a different starting time.

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