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Private Trekking at Enipeas Canyon in Mount Olympus

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Private Trekking at Enipeas Canyon in Mount Olympus

Get a Private Trekking at Enipeas Canyon in Mount Olympus and discover the home of the 12 Olympian Gods!

The 12 Gods would insist on you taking this tour so you can see exactly why they chose Mount Olympus as their home! And we definitely don’t want to upset them. Enipeas Canyon on the roots of Mount Olympus is one of the most beautiful settings in Greece. Its length is 10km long and its starting position is Prionia (1100m altitude), known for its fresh water springs. It runs by the north side of Litochoro (a town on the entrance to Mount Olympus), and ends up in the Mediterranean Sea. It is a very impressive trek through European Path E4.

The European Path E4 runs along Enipeas River, through a dense forest. Due to its low altitude, it can be trekked most of the year. Along the way you can visit St. Dionysios Monastery, and St. Dionysios Cave. Towards the end of the path and to the left, we have the hiking trails of Zilinia (100-140m altitude) which are very popular among Greek hikers. Enipeas Canyon ends up in Skala Litochorou on the roots of Mount Olympus.

The valley offers second to none scenes of natural beauty. Enipeas River runs through the gorge forming small lakes along the way, and suddenly disappears in sinkholes. The waters, the variety of foliage and the boulders along the path compose a most impressive sight. The route Litochoro-Prionia lasts about 5 hours and Prionia-Litochoro about 3 hours.

It isn’t by chance that Greek Mythology begins on Mount Olympus. You will find out why if you take this tour and thank yourself in the end.

The Litochoro-Kastana course lasts 2 hours and the returning course 1.5 hours. The Kastana-Golna course (with an amazing view) lasts 1 hour and the returning course 45 minutes.

Itinerary of the Private Trekking at Enipeas Canyon


Start from Litochoro

Our path begins in Litochoro, a village on the roots of Mount Olympus. We hike among imposing rocky mounts and Zilinia hiking trails will be to our right, standing 300m tall.


Cross the Gorge

We continue our hike through Portes, a rocky mountain complex. We follow through position Sara, very close to Enipeas River, and continue towards Kastana fresh water spring. During the summer months, some visitors actually swim in the crystal river waters.


(Optional) Hike up to Golana and back to Litochoron

From there we can follow the same path back to Litochoro, or climb to position Golna, from where we can admire Mount Olympus and the canyon at its entirety.

  • Lisenced Mountain Guide
  • all taxes
  • transfer to/from departure point
  • gratuities
  • personal expenses
  • We advise you wear athletic or trekking shoes and shorts or long pants for walking, preferably quick-drying material (cotton or poly-cotton, not denim)
  • Bring sunglasses, a towel, a hat, sun block
  • Have a water bottle
  • Definitely bring a camera!!
  • confirmation will be received within 8 hours of booking, subject to availability
  • children must be accompanied by an adult

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