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Watersports in Halkidiki

Watersports in Halkidiki

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Will you be on vacation in Halkidiki? What a fine choice. Every single town and beach in the peninsula has its own feel and beauty. The calm crystal waters along with the clean sand are nature’s gift to us and a great reward for the hard work we put it during the rest of the year. In Halkidiki you can go from quiet and relaxing to rowdy and entertaining in a matter of a few miles.

How about some adventure and a good workout to go along with the rest and relaxation? Or how about testing your balance skills between beach-bar hopping? Whether you are with your family, a group of friends or your significant other, Watersports are the best compliment to your summer vacation.

Watersports in Halkidiki

There are plenty of choices with Watersports: Motorized, non-motorized, group, individual, challenging, relaxing, etc. Go for the adrenaline rush of flyboarding, the balance challenge of paddleboarding. Take the family on a mini-tour of the surrounding beaches with a pedalo (paddle boat), or see if you and your partner can synchronize in a double canoe.

Choose a Watersports establishment and combine activities to get the full effect. No matter what you feel like at the moment, you’ll have several choices. Relax, exercise, enjoy nature’s finest offerings and create moments of a lifetime with your close ones.

Watersports in Halkidiki


Watersports establishments in Halkidiki fall under strict regulations and policies to ensure safety first for you and your loved ones. Instructors are on site for any information or help you may need. For any questions in advance, don’t hesitate to contact us via email.

Extreme Fun!

Have you tried flyboarding yet? The new craze in watersports launches you slightly above the water’s surface and tests your balance skills. You don’t “feel” like you’re flying, you’re actually doing it! Try jetskiing, hop on a tube with your friends so you can zip through the clear blue waters of Halkidiki.

Watersports in Halkidiki

Water Workout

No time to hit the gym while on vacation? No problem. Try the pedalo (paddle boat) it’s like riding a bike, only on water! SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) is a great balance challenge and a full body workout. Or go with the canoe (single or double) to burn those extra calories from the delicious Greek food you’ve been tasting.

Speed Boat

Rent a speed boat and visit shores not accessible by car or foot. See the shores from the water looking in! Stop along the way and take a swim in relatively untouched waters. Or, if you enjoy fishing, hire a speed boat to take you to fishing heaven a little further and deeper than the coastline. Speak with the experts, make a choice that fits your wants and needs, book in advance and enjoy special discounts when combined with other activities.

Watersports in Halkidiki

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